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    I Like comics with animal characters, and I've always had a soft spot for a well told romance stories. So when I first came across May the Rain Come, a webcomic by Emily Weber, I automatically in for twenty pages.  Because this story has newly returned War veteran trying to re-find himself in his small country hometown, I was willing to go further in.  Because the characters were so deep and believable, and the young heroine so charming and innocent, I was hooked in for the full beautifully told tale.

  The art is willowy characters, with alternately warm or haunted or wise expressions, slowly revealing their lives against an abstract watercolor background.  Many pages pass by where little is said and much is felt, as the characters harness family love, God's grace and inner strength to push past immense hurts.  The setting is a country-side town, desiccated by drought when the hero returns from war, and it also is healed by the end of the story. 

  If Godly healing and romance are your idea of a good read, then May the Rain Come is definitely for you.

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Do you have a link?

I've seen some of your artwork, Brien. I was just wondering have you ever read Redwall? It seems like something right up your alley.

Link.  You can Google the title or go to:  



Redwall, love the characters and the awesome accents!  After my seventh Redwall, I found they were getting a bit formulaic but I still count myself as a big fan.

 There's a new Graphic storyteller (David Peterson) that is two years into a storyline called Mouse Guard that is quite well done and available at Barnes&Noble.   Every four years I still reread The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, and the Narnia series by CS Lewis.

Ian Wilson said:

I've seen some of your artwork, Brien. I was just wondering have you ever read Redwall? It seems like something right up your alley.


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