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My name is Matt Shoemaker and I'm an author for Keys for Kids Ministries. Several years ago, God led me to teach Bible lessons at Wayside Cross, a homeless shelter. Each lesson was taught before a meal and the audience ranged from 30-50 people. I was in rotation with a couple other Bible teachers and I wanted to communicate a Bible lesson in a way that was unique. I noticed that the audience was drawn to historical people or events. I dug deep into history and pulled out some fantastic stories. I revised my message structure and began with a historical person or event – and that completely drew in the audience. This was amazing because I now had everyone's full attention through the entire message. After talking about the history portion for a while, I turned the corner and brought in a parallel Biblical application. For years, I've been able to give a Bible message and a Gospel presentation with having the audience's full attention – all from starting with an intriguing history story.

After several years, I have nearly a hundred Bible lessons, most of which begins with a historical person or event. All that to say; does anyone know who can turn these history/Bible lessons into a comic that adults will be drawn into reading? I listed a few of my history topics below that would have fascinating comic art drawings...

  • The 1692 earthquake of Port Royal, Jamaica – a pirates haven

  • Operation Hailstone – a two day battle leaving a graveyard of 60 warships sunk at the bottom of Truk Lagoon

  • Body Snatchers – the stolen body of John Scott Harrison in 1878

  • The buried treasure of the Steamboat Arabia - the largest collection of pre-Civil War artifacts in the world

  • The curse of King Tutankhamen

  • Titanic's twin sister ships – and their disasters

  • Speed records both of land and air

  • The Chicago fire of 1871

  • Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

  • Jessie James faked his death

  • The Ghost and the Darkness – the killer lions of Tsavo, Africa

  • Evel Knievel – one of America's most famous stuntmen

  • The real Charlie Brown - a WWII B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber Pilot

  • The Bermuda Triangle and Big Foot

Please let me know who can turn these history/messages into books of graphic comic art.

Serving Him,

Matt Shoemaker

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Wow, you have collected some real-life dramas here!  The idea sounds intriguing. 

You might consider posting this message over on  to get more attention for your idea.

Thank you Brien,  I'll post it there too, I appreciate your help...



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