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I’m getting ready to go on a camping trip tomorrow and have no idea if I’ll be able to post anything. I’ll start on the drawing of Hazel and post it as soon as possible. I’ve been working quite a bit on New Eden’s culture, which I’ll get to later. When I was outside today, I came up with a unique twist for Hazel’s body snatching ability. She can’t control the ACTIONS of the person she’s taken over, but she can INFLUENCE their thoughts and feels whatever emotion they feel while she’s taken them over. Most of the time, the people she’s taken over don’t know she’s “in their head,” but there are a select few who may hear what she’s thinking, and one (who will be her main love interest) who she can communicate with telepathically once he knows she’s “there” (or she makes it clear to him). If you have any suggestions as to how to work that into a case, that would be great. Also, do you guys have any suggestions about how body snatching could be considered a “time and space” ability. It didn’t really fit with explanation I came up for mental abilities (extremely fast subconscious processing) and someone in my writer’s group wondered how body snactching would fit into the “time and space” category (the other power type is the ability to manipulate physical matter, so it obviously doesn’t fit there). Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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