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Hi guys, i'm a Malaysian Christian, i reasonly heard a disturbing news in my country, a pastor go through a trans sexual surgery to change his sex to a woman and married another chrisitan man.

This transexual pastor now quit his full time job as pastor and open a direct sell company and bring thousands of people work under him to Christ.

My question is: Can we conclude this pastor as a homosexual? If so why God use him? If God agree with this pastor's act, should'nt God need to appologise for Sodom & Gamorath? If God cannot contredict himself, is this the act af devil, trying to confuse Christian?

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Aree to disagree.  Cool.

Back to the original question. 

God created us individually by sex.  Throw out gender, he gave us a sex.  We do not choose what sex we are, the choice was already made.  To attempt to change your gender is akin to playing God with yourself. 

Your choices as a sinner are not more important than God's will.  Your opinions factor in nothing next to the TRUTH of God's Word and His Divine Plan. 

Satan is alive and well and on the prowl hunting Christians daily, hourly and by the minute.  His goal is to confuse us, busy us, lie to us until we drift from God and into hell.

If this pastor is feeling this way it is because he is being influenced by Forces greater than him.  If he is leading a church and people are coming to Christ through the church it is not the pastor, but GOD who is doing that - though I am highly skeptical this is happening in this case.

Homosexual sin is wrong.  It will lead a person to hell, period, end of story.  It is no more grievous than any other sin to God, BUT unlike most sins it has a very dangerous movement behind it.  A movement designed to uproot churches, school and cultures.  A movement part and parcel to the movement to remove God from every aspect of the public square.  A movement to redfine the very nature and interpretation of God's Holy Word. 

Be not decieved.  Do not search the hearts of men, search the BIBLE.  People will lie, and people will lead you astray.  You must find the Truth is the Bible itself, period. 

"And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself." - John 12:32

   I hear what you're sayin', Buzz, but a thought just rocketed across my mind. In a sense, yes, we need to be aware of the issues pertaining to the trans-sexual person if we want to understand them. But really, I think that is optional.

   And what about all the other variations in human sexuality and behavior... do we NEED to know each issue for each group in order to reach them?

   I'm not trashing the idea. No. In fact, it is commendable, but my point is that the person who is not willing to do that ought not think they cannot reach that group, or person.

   Men will know we are Christians by our love, yes? And I don't need to know each man's issues in order to love them. ...Yes, if we wish to engage them in a discussion, and sift through the arguments, that's one thing. But the love of Christ shines through the darkness, and it is the one thing that ALL men understand, and are drawn to.

   Engaging the trans-sexual community is one thing, but loving them is another completely. 

   My thought for the day. Have a good one all.

No we don't need to know someone in order to reach them.  That is what the WORD OF GOD is for.  We need to use THAT, not our own "wisdom".  Our words are like wind, fleeting, forgotten, immaterial, but God's Word cuts like a double edged sword.

"For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart" - Hebrews 4:12

Pray for them, witness to them through the Gospel, but do not give their sin credence it does not deserve by affirming their justifications for it.  God has spoken, he is not still speaking.

It's pretty sad that this has taken up nigh 7 whole pages on this website - when other threads have barely a single page. 


   "Paul wrote that he was all things to all people in his attempts to reach out to them:  A Jew to Jews, a Greek to Greeks, a scholar to scholars, etc."

   ...Absolutely. My point was not that it is wrong to understand folks, but that it is secondary to simply loving them- that if a person is not familiar with all the issues surrounding trans-sexuals, that in no way should be a barrier to reaching out to them. 

   "So, no, I'm not saying we have to become transexuals :) in order to reach out to them, but we should at least know what they consider the issues to be so we can talk to them."

   ...Not for nothing, but I would make an extremely ugly woman.

   No argument with me on this one, my friend!

Buzz Dixon said:

...and another thing -- and this applies to all groups we encounter in our walk -- we individually may not be the best particular Christian to witness to a particular person / group.


A man may not be the best person to witness to a woman who is in an abusive marriage.  A teetotaler may not be the best person to witness to an alcoholic.  A person who feels squeamish about another's sexuality may not be the best witness for that person.


Sometimes we as individuals need to step back and let somebody else handle it.

*** That "somebody else" is God.  Let's not pretend we have the answers - we don't.  God does.  Moses told God to "get someone else", so did Jonah, as did others.  God can use ANYONE, ANYTIME.  And the bottom line is he doesn't expect us to opine to them.  He expects us to use His Word. Tell them what HE says, not what we think.  They are not accountable to us. 

You may not think you're the "right person for the job", but it's probably the exact opposite.  God commands us to spread the Gospel to ALL the world, not just who we're comfortable talking to. 

Buzz - people don't kill themselves because they heard the Gospel.  Faith COMES from hearing -

So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ - Romans 10:17

If Jesus can deliver people from their sins then they need to have faith in Him.  Abuse is not going to inspire anyone to come to faith - that's just ludicrous.  You cite isolated incidents where people went beyond the scope of their calling.  As I said before - OUR words are like wind, forgotten, dismissed as immaterial, and powerless.  Therefore should not be expected to hold ANY power.  God's Grace is heard in his Word, in Jesus Christ, and in Love - and it cuts like a double-edged sword. 

We do our fellow man NO good by not reminding them of this. 

God gave us the Bible to strengthen our faith and to use it to teach others who God is, what we are to Him, and how to live according to his ways. 

I agree. 

I agree with Buzz on that one.  LOL.  This one is interesting.  It also sharpens us when converchats like this go on.

@Connor --

"It's pretty sad that this has taken up nigh 7 whole pages on this website - when other threads have barely a single page."
That's 'cuz this one is interesting.  ;)


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