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A tragic day today in Connecticut. At a time like this, we must look to God for answers and hold fast to our faith. This kind of tragedy is something we see more often these days and serves as a reminder that the more we as a society, as a country turn away from God to serve the god of this world, Satan, that these events will continue to plague our society. Please pray for the victims and their families, that God may ease their suffering and that light will somehow shine in this hour of darkness.

God bless the families and friends who must endure this horrific event and may the loving arms of our Lord hold them close and protect them.

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prayer is what is needed. After that, we as Americans should take a hard look on how we plan to deal with issues like this. Are we truly ready to fight for our lives when the boogie man knocks? I had a great conversation with my daughter about these events and had her come up with a plan of action in case she is caught in this situation. I re enforced in her that she has to think tactically and soundly and that she must always have a plan. I am deep prayer for the families and their loss. It is a sad day for all Americans

I expect a lot of the thoughts and feelings on this to be unprinted: praying, and weeping with dry eyes, seizing hope, rebuking fear, replacing anger with forgiveness and fear with resolve, phoning and texting those we love, planning(As DL expressed so well) and comforting.

Initial Statement

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& For you Conspiracy Theorists... TDKR's Statement on it!??


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