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 For anyone who doesn't know who this family is, they were on the news last month, and most likely start popping up in the news again this week. The mother and father were accused of abusing their 13 kids, ages 2-29. Actions included withholding food and medical care, punishing the kids for washing above the wrist, and chaining them to furniture. (Yikes! X( )

 The parents are due in court this week (Feb. 23.) If found guilty, they could spend up to 94 years in prison.

Prayer Points:

  • The kids' medical and nutritional needs are being taken care of, but I'm sure healing emotionally will take quite a while. We can pray for that.
  • It's widely assumed that the parents are Christians; assuming that's true, their witness for Jesus has been very badly damaged. We can pray that they would seek God's forgiveness. (And 'ey, if they're not really born-again Christians, we can pray that they will become ones! :) ) Also pray for wisdom for the judge and authorities this week as they work on this terrible case.

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 Thirteen children, aye!   

   Thank you for speaking for the speechless in this tragedy. I will certainly pray.

We'll pray for them.

I’ve been praying for them, too. I can’t help but wonder if the parents were mentally ill in some way, in which case we’ll need to pray they’ll receive treatment.


So one woman on YouTube is keeping an especially close eye on the Turpin case, going to the court hearings and stuff. She says that the case just gets uglier and uglier as more clues and stories unfold.

In one video she describes just one of the awful things Mrs. Turpin did to her children: as a punishment to one of her daughters for using her lip gloss, Mrs. Turpin... well, let's just say the Turpin daughter was turned into a makeshift Frisbee. Pretty gruesome, very, very sad stuff. All over a stupid thing of lip gloss!

The 13 kids are doing great now, though! :D They're learning instruments, trying new foods- getting a whole new life, basically! XD  

But we should still remember to pray for their healing. They may be doing okay now physically, but I'm sure some emotional, psycological, and spiritual healing is also needed. Continued prayer for the children's cruel parents and authorities working hard on the case would also be good.


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