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You guys may think Im nuts. Thats fine.

Has anyone else seen 'visions'.

Screaming faces/Shadow people/Demons/Wolves (Bad)

Doves/domesticated animals/robed feet (Good)


Their name being spoken to them when no one is around or awake (usually at night)


Feel a tingling sensation on the back of their head when demons appear.


Get the strong urge to walk with no shoes on in the dirt and feel at peace (Later did I find out that God commanded Moses to take is shoes off)


Be driven to your face in the carpet in tears and sobs during prayer?

That aren't really there. I know my walk is a bit 'different' (everyone's is really)

Im a very new christian of 6 months. And all of these things started happening the week I got saved. And still happen. I know a lot of these things are 'taboo' and not spoken about in church.

Just wondering if anyone's experienced any of this..

Hope this is the right place to post this at..

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 I have to admit its been interesting watching the back and forth in this discussion. 

I know some of you have said lets stay on topic to help Jolene. 

 I dont need help. What help I do have is with the Holy Spirit and in my prayers. 

I started this discussion so that we may fellowship about the experiences we have had. 

So that it make build each others faith. Maybe no ones experienced some of these things that I talked about or just dont want to talk about them.

(Im not sure if its fellowship or witnessing. Im not too sure on the terms as I am new to the faith)

But  heres something I wanted to share that happened to me on Wednesday of last week.

 I was out running errands and felt hit with a strong hunger (physical). So I went into a local pizzeira. I saw a group of three women standing outside and I felt a almost nervousness/anxiety seeing them.

I shrugged it off and went in got my food and sat down. They sat down in the booth in front of me. All of the sudden I am straining to try to hear what they are saying. My heart begins to race and my stomach clenches and I cannot eat. I feel the very very very strong urge to pray for these women. So I say a little prayer in my head to hope that may appease the Holy Spirit. Then all of my insides felt like they were in a vice that was closing fast. I was fighting back tears. I kept arguing 'what if they refuse my offer to pray for them, what if they aren't christians and rebuke me?" I went to the bathroom to try to get a hold of myself. Then it got worse my hands started shaking so bad and the clamping down on my guts worsened. So I gathered up whatever I could muster as courage and decided the worse they can say is "no". I go up to them tears in my eyes hands shaking. They confessed they were christians and I prayed for them. We fellowship for a little bit then I left. As soon as  I was outside of the restaurant I felt normal like nothing happened.

I am so thankful I bent my neck to the will of the Lord.

Turns out one of the women called me shes going through her last treatment of Chemo for breast cancer. Ill be getting together with her soon for coffee she feels that my prayer was a divine appointment.

Anyone experienced this? As I call it "Guts Squishing" by god?

I haven't had much guts squishing by God, usually it's heart-pounding, HARD. lol.  But I have had demonic stomcah squishing during a time before I was delivered by some demons. It use to happen during worship at my old church years ago.

I have had times where I just wake up and feel something evil around me, and when that feeling heightens, I find that I cannot speak and rebuke whatever might be around me. The more skeptical side of me accounts for my lack of ability to speak as my just waking up, as my straddling the lines between the unconscious and conscious. But nevertheless it is scary when it happens, but it resides after silently rebuking whatever it might be. 

I think many people in the charismatic community profess to have visions, and I suspect many people up and cry and pour their heart to God on a whim, even if there doesn't appear to be much provocation for it. I had a Pentecostal friend who talked about having visions, one in particular of water flooding the people in her church, and avoiding those she thought the Spirit did not commune with. 

"I have had times where I just wake up and feel something evil around me, and when that feeling heightens, I find that I cannot speak and rebuke whatever might be around me."

I've had the very same experience many years ago. A number of times, actually.

Alika: I just moved to Caledonia, Michigan some time ago, and after moving here, I found a church that I wished to attend.

And by saying that I found a church, I do not mean to imply that I did it without prayer and entirely of my own accord or that God has no sovereignty over any of my actions or the course of history. Likewise, I don't mean to imply that the church was in hiding, and that I found it and won a game. And by that I do not mean to imply that my spiritual life, and my eternity, is a game... something not to be taken seriously or given no reverence whatsoever. 


Anyway, upon discovering this church, I decided to talk to the pastor to see if this church was a right fit.

Which, of course, isn't to say that I relied on my pastor to give me the answers about what church I should attend. That isn't to say that I depend on my pastor and not God. This isn't to say that I think my pastor is God. Also, when I say that I wanted to know if the church was a right fit, I don't mean to imply that I choose my churches based on whether or not they fit what I want, as opposed to what God wants. This isn't to say that I don't want what God wants. This, in turn, isn't to say that I am perfect.


So the pastor invited me for dinner and we talked and prayed.

Which isn't to imply that the pastor invited me to BE the dinner. That is, I don't mean to imply that he was a cannibal. Or that I promote cannibalism. And I also don't mean to imply that we talked and prayed simultaneously. That I talked, while he prayed and vice versa. Also I don't want you to think that the prayer involved the pastor forgiving my sins and that this was any type of confession. Also, I don't believe the pastor can forgive my sins. Again, I don't believe the pastor is God. Also we didn't take communion. We ate hamburgers. Also, I don't believe one should eat hamburgers as communion bread, which isn't to say I believe in transubstantiation. Which isn't to say I think communion bread MUST be wafers.


When I went to investigate the church, I found the pastor preaching on being kind to others and helping the lost become found. 

Which isn't to say that you should never reprove the lost, or you should allow them to do unjust things, or that you should do the things they do in order to teach them about the Gospel. Also, when I say that we should help the lost become found, I don't mean to imply that we are the ones who supply grace, or even that we can quicken the lost to be found, or that we can save someone, or that we are God. But I also don't mean that the Grand Commission doesn't apply to us, or that we shouldn't evangelize, or that the lost should evangelize, or that the found shouldn't evangelize. I also don't mean to imply somehow that Buddha is God, or that Muhammed is God, or that Obama is God. Also, I don't mean to imply that everyone who is lost will be found. I don't mean to imply that I am a Universalist. 


Don't you see what you're doing? 

Wow. So this is a much bigger issue than anticipated. I mean I've had my issues - and I thought, oh some people here and there may have been attacked as well - but this seems to be much more prevalent.

Sven same/similar occurrences (amongst others). At times throat has been so constricted the only way to rebuke was mentally or in my spirit.

Martin: Oh, well, I don't think I ever had issues breathing...

I can relate to you Sven and Martin about the choking and restricting. When I was a kid I always felt the demons did it to bring fear(And I heard of cases in Africa where they cause so much fear in the person that they actually die) and torment. After becoming a believer as an adult these attacks continued, but I felt the choking was definitley to stop me from using the name of Jesus to get rid of them. 

So what about angels, anyone seen angels or visions of God?

@Jolene that's an awesome testimony keep it up! and thanks for posting it.

@Lee "agrees with" 's not the words. Paul's using it for their better understanding of Christianity, sort of using it to clear things up, make it clearer in their minds.


 Alot of times I see litterally "snippets" of barefeet (or sandaled) in a white robe fill my vision. Ive had a very comforting hand touch my shoulder a few times. Also see alot of visions of domesticated animals mainly cats and dogs. Im really unsure what that is. (no fear attatched to it just knowing)

I haven't read this entire discussion but I would like to chime in on this based on the first post, and my personal relationship with Christ, and the supernatural experiences I've had in my life.

I truly believe that there are spirits out there that do evil things. But I believe all of these things, God allows to happen for his own reasons and purposes. But the main way God gives us to combat them, (That a lot of people discount) is our fellow saints. No demon wants to attack a group of Christians.  I believe that's one of the main reasons I have not had many supernatural experiences and why new Christians seem to be more susceptible to them. I was born into a covenant home. I'm always around my family.

That being said, the only times I have any sort of vision, is when I sleep. I've had a certain set of dreams in my life. They are far more vivid than a normal dream. And they usually are one of two things.

1. A dream in which I meet someone who I believe is either my future wife or my subconscious view of the perfect wife. Her name is always Ann, and she always looks the same. I've had many different versions of this one since I was very young.

2. A dream in which things progressively get worse and worse one way or another, and somehow, someway, God uses some quote, imagery, or some form of subconscious media within my brain to teach me a biblical truth in a way I never would have thought of unless he pointed it out to me.


One example of number two, is when I was working extremely hard at work and football practice, I was so exhausted, and felt so stressed. I had a dream where I was in a mansion, being chased up into the higher levels by demons who were coming up from the basement. I was with several friends, and the caretaker of the house named 'Mr. Wendall.' Several friends were brought down by the demons as we went higher and higher, and we locked as many doors as we could behind us, but they kept getting through. Finally, when it was just me and a few others left, Mr. Wendall said he'd go and take care of it. He opened the door, and locked it behind him. But he took a walkie talkie with him and we had the other. I kept calling out to him, begging him to tell me if he's okay, and if everything was going to be alright. Then I heard the LAST thing I expected. The first line of the song from the movie 'School of Rock.'

For those of you who don't know it, it goes: 'Baby, we was making straight A's. But we were stuck in a dumb daze. Don't take much to memorize your lies. I feel like I've been hypnotized. And then that magic man, he came to town. And hoo-ee he done spun my head around. He said recess is in session, 2 and 2 make 5, and now baby, oh, I'm alive."

The meaning was instantly obvious to me, and I cried and woke up and prayed and thanked God. He used THAT song to communicate to me that I didn't have to work so hard and worry so much about making mistakes and keeping my job because HE was in control. He was the one who made 2 and 2 equal 5 when he died and rose again, and now... I'm truly alive.

I could go into more detail on the scriptural truths he's revealed to me through this amazing, roundabout way, but I'll save them for another time.

In closing, I believe God reveals different parts of the same whole truth, to different Saints, to make them more effective in their own specific lines of work within his greater plan. God is the great story-weaver of time and history. And just when you think you know where the story is going, he brings it back around and twists the plot in a way that glorifies himself ten times more. The way he reveals different parts of the whole is amazing to me. But I believe it is completely true. So don't despair when you encounter those trials. Simply work to grow stronger WITH GOD'S HELP and not rely on your own strength.


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