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The different power types/a great idea for my current series.

I've had awful writer's block for the last couple months, which almost prompted me to outright quit writing. Then I had vacation (I went to the beach and Universal Studios, both of which were awesome), but I did get an idea for one scene in a later case. To top things off, I've been sick on and off the last couple of months (nothing too serious, though, though it was really bad part of the time during my vacation). But anyway, I've been playing around with the different power types in my series. There are seceral different "power sets," each caused by a different genetic mutation. They are as follows:

Mental: telekinesis, hyperphotographic memory, ability to touch an object and instantly know everything about it (what it's made of, where it's been, etc.)

Clear: invisibility, x-ray vision

Physical: super strength and speed, rapid cell regeneration (though some wounds heal quicker than others), super jump, super endurance

Nature-based (what Brianna has): ability to control natural materials (water, wind etc.), shapeshifting, mind reading, ability to feel other people's emotions.

Person-based: mind reading, ability to feel other people's emotions (the only two powers that are found in two different mutation sets), ability to take over another person's body for five minutes, mind control.

Originally, mind reading and feeling other people's emotions were only going to exist along the person-based power mutation, but I thought it might be interesting for Brianna to be so caught up in other people's emotions (combined with her involuntary transformations) that she feels like she's starting to lose her sense of self. This causes her to constantly struggle with her faith and even question her own existence. I hope to use this as an opportunity to explore what makes us human and what separates an individual from the other people around him or her.

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Sounds interesting. I am very glad you have gotten past your writer's block (and it appears that you are sticking around here for a while :))

A break from writing really can energize your creativity. It's great you're feeling enthusiastic again! I wonder if you'll limit psychometry object 'reading' to the villains or occasional guest characters? That could be challenging to work in otherwise in a detective story I think.


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