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During the month of February, I'll be taking drawing commissions! <3

Do you have a favorite TV, movie, video game, or real-life couple you'd like me to draw for you? Please comment or message me your request! ^v^


  • Please feel free to specify if there's a specific style you would like me to draw the couple in!
  • It's not limited to romantic relationships! If you want me to draw 2 or more close friends or siblings I can do that, too!
  • Couples will NOT be drawn doing... NSFW things. Hugs, standing next to each other, holding hands, and kissing is the limit. 
  • If you ask, yes, I can draw an expectant couple, but it will be done in a realistic, decent manner. No abnormally large "fetish" pregnancies (like "8 months pregnant with septuplets.")

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If I think of one I'll let you know! This is a good idea! 

Does it cost anything. If it does, Is it just for this website or do we get a physical copy? (I'm not trying to be rude. I'm just curious. I wholeheartedly believe artists should be compensated for their work. I'm also not used to commissions vs. requests on CCAS. The only other sites I'm on are Paigeeworld, Art Amino, and Twitter. I do have a couple in mind.)

It doesn't cost a penny! ^^ I just felt like having people tell me what to draw! XD

EDIT: I usually post the finished product on the website in a "Here ya go, _____!" sort of way, but I can always message you the picture so you can print it out. :)

Thanks! Could you please draw Tony and Maya from Space: 1999 in an action pose together? (Space: 1999 is an obscure 70’s sci-fi series. It’s really good. It used to be on Hulu, but I’m pretty sure it’s not anymore, which is a shame because Hulu was the one place to watch the second season legally).

Sure! :D Any style preference (e.g. anime, my own style, their original style)?

Well, the original series was live-action. I’d kind of like to see what the characters would look like in your style (which I really like) or a manga/anime style similar to the Danganronpa series (I don’t watch the show. I just like the character designs.)

Okie-dokie! ^^ I'll post it here as soon as it's finished!

(And thanks for the complement! =^v^=)

Thanks! I’m really excited. You should definitely check out Space: 1999 if you like science fiction. The effects aren’t the highest quality, but it has some good stories. Tony and Maya don’t make their first appearances until season 2. Also, is there a female character you would like me to draw for you? (I’m not very good at drawing male characters yet and can only draw a few poses).

Ooh! 0o0

I really like  love Princess Daisy from Super Mario! ^^

(Also is Maya the girl with the long brown hair or the short blond hair??? ^^;)

O wait! Never mind; I found what she looks like! XD

She’s the one with the long brown hair and the unusual eyebrows and Tony’s the one with the black hair. Would you like me to find the reference images for you? I’m really excited to see the finished piece.


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