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I know this has been around awhile, and isn't anything new, but it's one of those things I kick around in my head when I can't sleep. It's the goofy "curse of Superman" theory. Here's the wiki for it. Supposedly, according to this urban legend thing, there has been non-stop disaster/death/obscurity for actors and actresses associated with the Superman character, and I wonder if there's anything to it.

Now I don't believe in this being a "curse" necessarily, but I do kick this around in my head and wonder if there is something to this, as it does seem like a disproportionate number of Superman actors seem to die/get injured/ or vanish into obscurity (as a curious side-note on this topic, Mark Pillow, who played Mr. Neutron, actually lives about a half mile from me in the north Houston suburbs. I think he's a wine distributor now.)

Granted, some actors like Gene Hackman seem to have done well since the Superman films, but you know, he hasn't really had as big of hits as he did pre-Superman, with films like "The French Connection." I'd even submit that the music to Superman was John Williams' biggest score, and he hasn't written music this good since then (good music all the same, but not as good.)

Any thoughts about this? It's silly, I know, but it does have me wondering...

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