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Hi Guys Im writing a kids book on history.

Im new to Christianity and Biblical study and am wanting more info on the Lucifer and the Fallen Angels.

Does anyone believe that lucifer was once part of the angels that defended Gods throne?

I understand that there are four now? did lucifer make the Fifth? 

Thanks everyone:)

God Bless!

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Lucifer was one of the three divisional leaders. One group was the warriors/soldiers. One group was the messenger angels. One group was the ambassadors, made to represent God(Lucifer led this group.).
As far as defending God's throne, that defense was due to subversion from Lucifer... He wasn't born a warrior so using subtlety and beauty, Lucifer tried get his way over God's way. God did not approve of this and kicked the subverter out of his home in heaven. (Jesus was accused of being a subverter by those jealous of Him - Luke 23:2)
I'm not saying Lucifer can't fight, I'm saying was Absalom going to take the throne by defeating King David's mighty men? Lucifer is far stronger acting in his created strengths. There is more to say... but I've said enough right now.

Thanks Brian!!

You're welcome.  I'm glad it helped.

Basically, God planned out all of time before He created time.  (There's something to wrap your head around.)  If we say in the first day, God creates light and then in the same day God separates light from darkness.  Yet in the fourth day, God makes all the stars, then our first day defaults to angels, the light separated from darkness to a major division of some sort.  But one might say, what about time?  Which makes no sense, because Adam didn't even exist until the sixth day, God rested on the seventh day, therefore the first week was God's length of a day, not a man's length of a day.  (Again, something else to wrap your head around.)  If Satan lead the division he did and then led that third against God, then God would have already planned that a new group of ambassadors was needed to represent him to the very people He created.

Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were making an appeal through us; we beg you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.  --  2nd Cor 5vs20

And this, in itself, if we can grasp it, is like... woah.  How, what, huh???  But that is one of many wild things God did.  And we, if we know God, live for God, are we really to represent God to men?  To replace angels?  We, full of imperfection, impressively weak... to be ambassadors of Him? 

Hi Brian -- Just saw your March post about Creation Week... the story of Creation was written by Moses, and Moses definitely knew what a "day" was, so the story of Creation "Week" while not entirely experienced by Adam & Eve, was still normal "days" of roughly 24 hours (as Scripture says, "The evening and the morning were the first day," etc.) -- in Jewish culture the new day always began at sundown (nobody had watches to tell when "midnight" was), which is why GOD said "evening" first, then "morning" or the light hours.  I'm a Seventh-day Adventist, and they have done a ton of study into the 7th day having been blessed by GOD during Creation Week which were all literal 24-hour days -- if you wish to discuss this further, just let me know!  Jim in TN

Mr. Jim, I'm totally okay with disagreeing with you here. As mentioned before, day 4 was sun and moon, and day 6 was Adam. Additionally, every planet in th solar system has a different length of time for a day, in defining an evening and then a morning. So, what I am saying is that I do believe in God's very real capability in making 6 24hr days as we define them and doing everything that was done within 24 hours. However, I don't think there is any scripture that defines the first week for most of which Adam didn't exist in, as 24 hour days.

There are Christians who believe in Evolution who interpret the days of Creation Week to be "millions of years" each "day" -- hopefully you are not one of those -- which is why I accentuated the wording of "the evening and the morning were the first day," etc. -- an "evening and morning" can NOT be millions of years.... so are you wanting to believe that the days of Creation Week could have been a few hours longer?  Or that each "day" was really a week, or a month, or a year?  The problem there is that Moses would have written that the first day was a week, month, year or years if he needed to because Moses KNEW what a "week" or a "month" or a "year" was!  And GOD impressed Moses to distinctly write the word "day"... "day"... now, Moses did not know how many hours were in a day, clocks and the timing of days didn't exist for him -- but Moses wrote GENESIS which was Truth being passed on to the world via the Jewish culture that would be read and studied for centuries -- and you think GOD would have Moses write something that would be a lie??  There is no way GOD would do that -- so when Moses wrote of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th *DAY* of Creation, a day is a day!  All humanity knows what a day is -- so it's best not to be challenging GOD about those "days" of Creation Week.  (And by the way, are you having a problem with GOD creating light on the 1st day and that there was no sun until the 4th day?  Simple solution:  GOD IS LIGHT -- GOD was the light that shown down upon our rotating planet for the first 3 days of "evenings and mornings," then GOD made a sun to be the light.)

I never said I was an evolutionist creationist.  I simply said there is no defined proof for or against 24 hours a day for the first week.  Light and darkness... the separation of which is something entirely different... good and bad... the angels witnessing creation... these are different things... yes, of course God made light.  Though right now, I am working on Ainu, so I think I need to reduce my response.  I don't see this as productive for either of us.

You can look at what I'm working on, though

Moses said each day was a day -- there, GOD told you.  No need to doubt it or question the 24 hours thing, it doesn't matter Brian.

Also, I do believe that way day is defined as evening and then morning is imperative as all the days are numbered to the millennial reign of Christ, that is, the Sabbath, the day of rest, as the days before were the common.
Nor can I see any difference with how the time is counted in the Bible if the days of the first were longer than 24 hours as long as the evening first and then morning. The days are numbered, that's true. Regardless, there were six days of creation. Six days of common and one day, the 7th was separated.

Hey Baden, welcome to CCAS, and to Christianity!

The devil is referred to as a serpent, dragon, and a fallen cherub (which is a 4 faced angel: man, eagle, ox, and lion, with skin like hot burning coals).

All of these descriptions are from scripture.

Hope that helps!

Keep drawing!


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