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Store owner looking for product to carry: make your pitch

I am looking for quality comics (Christian and/or made by Christians) to carry in my comic book store I am opening in Septmeber. Make me a pitch. Send me your price list. I am going to be trying to reach the unreached in my store, so I need good tools and discussion starters.


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You can give me your address and I can send you samples of the books we have. My email address is
Space Cadets Collection
26 Shinyrock Pl
Spring Tx 77381

jen :)

Ralph Ellis Miley said:
You can give me your address and I can send you samples of the books we have. My email address is
Lamp Post would love to have our books in your store! you can e-mail me at and check out we have a few more books just out and coming out this fall which aren't up yet, too. plus we have a brand new quarterly anthology featuring our core titles, the first issue of which comes out this summer has some of the best christian comics produce. contact Ben Avery for what books are avaliable.
Spiritual Intensity to alter your mind!!!(Ahem). My website is I have previews for my graphic novels. Volume #1 is out right now. Thanks.
Hi, My name is Brian Bradley. I am the publisher for Kingdom Comics. Here is our website( I would love to have our books listed in your store. If you'd like, I can send you some samples.

Brian Bradley

I know I'm late on this, but you can check out our comics at

Ma'am, please consider 'Raegan and RJ in Space!', a graphic novel trilogy about the first Christians to colonize another star.  I went to your web site/store it is very impresive.  The trilogy web site is or just google 'Raegan and RJ in Space'.  I have self-published on amazon.  If you want to stock some, I can purchase them and have them shipped to you.  We can split the profits spreading the Word.  In addition to the graphic novel trilogy, I also had an awesome poster done by Duncan Long you can hang in your window.  Please let me know by sending me an e-mail at thank you.  I can have the comics shipped to you ASAP.  The cost to me is $3.43 for the 44 page short graphic novel version of book 1, $8.41 for the 108 page graphic novel of book 1, $8.41 for the 110 page graphic novel of book 2, and $10.43 for the 140 page graphic novel #3.  I can have say 3 of each shipped to you, you can put them out, and see if they sell.  You can price them at say $1.00 above cost, and we can split the profits.  Please let me know.  God bless.  Rich Collins   

Alec Stevens here.  I publish Christian books, graphic novels, comics tracts, and posters under my Calvary Comics imprint, and have sold many thousands across the globe, all from my website:

Most customers order via Paypal, but some do send checks or U.S. postal money orders.  At the site you can see preview pages of the material.  The content is entirely non-fiction with the intent of providing the most credible witness of and for Christ to a lost and dying world.  The graphic novels (48 page, perfectbound novellas, actually) are in full color:


Sadhu Sundar Singh - India's foremost Christian evangelist in the early 20th century who brought the Gospel into then-forbidden Tibet.

Revival Among the Zulus - the story of Erlo Stegen and how God used him and the KwaSizabantu Mission in South Africa to see hundreds of thousands of Zulus, Xhosas, and others won to Christ from late 1966 until the present day.

Clendennen:  Soldier of the Cross - How the Lord took a former WWII U.S. Marine (and infidel) and made him an anointed preacher and soul winner, from pastoring Victory Temple in Beaumont, Texas to establishing the School of Christ International which trains the native to reach the native with the Gospel, first in Moscow, Russia, then in over 150 different countries. 

Glory to God - a 100 page b&w comics anthology featuring stories from the Bible, history (John Hus, William Tyndale, D. L. Moody), hymn stories ("Amazing Grace", "It is Well With My Soul", and "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"), and authorized modern-day testimonies of various Christian leaders (Stephen Sebyala of Uganda, Brother Yun of China, and Cesar Lubrin of the Philippines).

Visit the site to see the other material that is also available.  Multiple items gain a significant postal discount, as seen in the ordering section. 


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