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ThanksI hope everyone had a happy new year and I wish everyone a happy 2018! (My year’s gotten off to a rocky start, but I’m praying it will get better). Anyway I’ve been coming up with unique power ideas for different characters. I couple of ideas I had were a character who can take over any person’s body for five minutes and a different character who can feel other people’s emotions. Any more ideas? I also came up with two different types of involuntary transformations. Type A is a direct reaction to strong emotions (i.e. turning into a wolf when angry). Type B is more subconscious reaction (i.e. turning into a mouse when angry as a subconscious way of avoiding the situation). Type Bs don’t have as much trouble with animal instincts (however, both types retain full human intelligence and memories the entire time while transformed and upon changing back), but they have more trouble controlling when they transform, and especially changing back, (though both types will change back after some time between one and three hours; I haven’t decided the exact time yet, but I’m leaning towards one hour). Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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One power I forgot to mention in the discussion is Selective Extrasensory Hearing (SESH), which is essentially superhuman hearing, but the affected only hears select noises (such as small parts of a TV broadcast or conversation in another part of a building). It has a maximum distance of 20 feet, and the more distant the sound, the more jumbled it is.

All these ideas sound great! Are you looking for new ideas for other powers? If so I'll get back to you about that...


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