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So I Need A New Computer for Art and Online College...

My current Windows 10 laptop... I really think it's on its last legs. My aunt bought it for my dad, refurbished, but since he had no use for it he gave it to me. And it. Is. So. Flipping. Sloooooow!!! And very choppy, too, when it comes to video and music playback.

I've tried just about everything! I did several disk cleanups, I uninstalled programs that weren't being used, I have a computer-cleaning program (Advanced SystemCare 11), I even went as far as (with a technician's help) UNINSTALLING AND REINSTALLING THE ENTIRE WINDOWS 10 SYSTEM!!!

But doing all that only helped a teeny-weeny bit, if at all. :( And considering the fact that I not only use my laptop for art but also for school, I need the best speed and performance I can get.

Any advice on what kind of laptop to get? :( I'm really not picky about what brand to buy (although I'm much more familiar with Windows than I am with Apple), but I would prefer to spend at least under $600.

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Yes.  I would suggest you get this one.

1. It flips so you can draw on it for arts

2. It has the rarer anti-glare screen built-in so you can stare at the screen longer before your eyes start hurting

3. The anti-glare screen will help with ebook reading too

4. It's on sale for $604 as I posted the link.

5. It's designed to pass the MIL-SPEC 810G test, the gold test of for laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

6. It's got Corning Gorilla Glass 4 so the glass is tougher than most other laptop options.

Denke! :D (I have German blood XD)

Well, before you jump too fast, there is a fix for only five bucks for some blank DVDs to burn.  Fedora Linux has a number of artists which is why a version that installs art programs and office programs has been created for years for a free download

No specific model advice, but I would think about what software you need to run on the laptop. Sometimes software has minimum memory requirements for example. The HP mentioned only has 4gb of memory. Some software packages need 8gb minimum. Some computers can be expanded later, but that always scares me of breaking it.

Since I assume this is not for games, the graphics card is probably not going to matter that much. I also suspect most hard disks will probably be enough. The processor is going to be whatever you can afford (you won’t have much choice). So memory is probably the main thing to watch out for - that at resolution of the screen (make sure its not too low in resolution if you want to do artwork on it - 1080x1920 is what many have (including the HP mentioned) and should be fine. DVD quality.

But with Black Friday etc coming, it is a good time to buy!

Oh, and final advice, when you do buy one stop looking at the ads. It will just make you feel bad if you see a cheaper one after you buy your own! ;-)

Thank you! :D

You might want to see if the folks at can help find out what wrong with your current laptop. (Windows 10 is fraught with glitches, bugs, slowdowns. That site sort of specializes in that.)

I was looking at getting a new laptop too, and got a lot of good advice there too.

Not sure. I'm still using Windows 7 & a 2001 Photoshop. LOL    


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