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Long ago Scott McCloud made some interesting suggestions regarding how comics could take advantage of HTML. Has anyone mastered these techniques?

I personally found trails very difficult to implement. Has any one else given this a shot?

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Robert, do you have a reference for his suggestion?

Point of Information to our younger readership: Scott McCloud is a talented cartoonist and blogger on Cartooning; but is best known for two "deep-think' books: Understanding Comics, Volume 1 & 2; published in 1993. They're fascinating thoughts delivered in a graphic-novel format. Really, really worth checking out of your public library.  He published further books in 2000 and 2006, which I have yet to read.

Oh I wasn't aware that he had released volume two. I'll have to check it out.

Here is a sample of six trail comics he made. You can find some links to others from Scott McCloud's website.


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