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just say a random fact about you or anything


my is bunnys are my favorite animal

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   The first time I ever heard BB King's music was during one of his appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. I watched on a small black and white TV in my folks' kitchen, and as he played I was so moved I almost cried.


   The don't call it the blues for nothin'.


clowns very my most favorite thing ever but im really really afraid of balloons they to ssccaarryy

Most things have the opposite affect on me than the average person... i.e. caffeine puts me to sleep, rain makes me hyper and when the sun goes down im bouncing off the walls... ok the third isn't so uncommon :P

I saw the Movie "Xanadu" over 100 times....

i know some japanese

Angie Goggin once stood outside my second story bedroom window when I was about 7 or 8 ('69 or '70) and sang, "I'm Leavin' On a Jet Plane" for me ... just to show me she could.


Welcome to the Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) Online Network!

Did you know that CCAS has monthly meetings in the Los Angeles area? Contact Eric Jansen for more info!


Also, members of CCAS have produced the APAzine ALPHA-OMEGA for over 25 years!  We have about five openings right now!  Contact Eric Jansen for more info!  (This is a 30-member active-participation-only photocopied magazine for Christian writers and artists who submit a "trib" every other month for fun, fellowship, and critiques by other members.  Between postage and your photocopying costs, you might pay anywhere from $5 to $25 per issue.)

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