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Genesian Military Document # [REDACTED]

Submitted by Da’lia [Redacted], High Captain of the Genesian Specialist Core (GSC), [REDACTED] unit.

Date submitted: 174th day, Season of Flame, Year 4538 ATP.

Date Released: 93rd day, Season of Frost, Year 4550 ATP.

-Edited Note: This document is one of few that will be sent out to the public as ordered of now Grand Captain Da’lia [REDACTED], GSC Maritime Division. This document is intended to release the happenings of past events to the public, in hope to give answers to questions that were, as of then, not answered; and for those who have been hidden, to comfortably come out into public life.


-Report from High Captain Da’lia of the GSC, to Grand Commandant [REDACTED] [REDACTED] of the GSC High Command.

Grand Commandant [REDACTED] [REDACTED], of the GSC Grand Command,

As ordered by The GSC High Command, I have sent scouts from my unit out undercover, to retrieve intelligence about the scientist the GSC’s Research and development division had sent almost a year back. The sea-set power plant façade has kept up, and locals from the Elysium Province haven’t been too suspicious. Everything seemed to be going well, as the good doctor and his team had seemed to be doing their job as asked, trying to find a way to bring operation “Peace Keeper” to fruition. However, my two agents seemed to have spot an unexpected amount of materials that outnumbered the amount we had supplied the team with, whilst scrutinizing the stations storage units, they sent a message detailing the search.

Attached File:

Code: 112-774-32

Entry by: High Lt. Tag’Hur, main scout, [REDACTED] Unit.

High Captain Da’lia,we’ve just searched the plants storage center and its units. Doctor Ca’vot has seemed to have received more materials than we had given him, materials he never asked for. I will send you a note with all the detailed materials in here, but this is enough material to keep a large tribe going; and some of these materials match some of those listed from the Mar’gani tribe that fell not just a few weeks ago. These materials were what the tribe specialized in producing as well. It may just be an assumption, but one we should keep in mind. I’ve marked all the materials that were not of what we gave them.

Attached Note: “Material stock list”

- 1 ton Onyx infused Titanium, Tungsten, and Impact Ceramic Grafting gel

- 1500 Exaggerated Protein Glands*

- 150 High Grade Micro Computer Template

- Caragero Venom Glands*

- 10 Times Concentrated Liquid multi-metal Conduit mesh

- 35 live Adult Carageros*

- 150 High grade programmable ocular interfaces

- Venom Replication system*

- 500 Frozen Overactive Nerve systems*

- 225 Overactive resting Growth tablets*

- 150 Organic wiring templets

- 1400 Enhanced Cardiac based growth systems*

- 1400 Enhanced Cardiac based supporting muscular systems*

- 300 Lung enhancer proteins*

- 750 Overdriven tendon enhancers*

- 415 Overdriven Vein growth systems*

- 15 Ci’avo Utah Skeletal and muscular system holo-diagrams*

- 1500 yards of Rust resistant bio-capable wiring

- 1500 yards Bio-mechanical rust resistant tungsten wire and impact ceramics tubing

- Several tons of frozen fruits and vegetables

- 150 neural interface modules

- 150 Micro-Ocular multi scopes

- 150 Micro-Ocular thermal system upgrade

- Several tons of frozen meats

- Several tons of air tight sealed assorted grains

Note end.  

Attached file end.

-Continued report from High captain Da’lia [REDACTED], to Grand Commandant [REDACTED] [REDACTED] of the GSC High Command.

Grand Commandant, these are red flags that need not just be addressed, but looked into A.S.A.P. If what my Scout thinks is going on is true, then this is treason upon the highest order, and the doctor must be tried, along with all those involved. I ask that you let my Unit know how to proceed on this matter.

-High Captain Da’lia [REDACTED], [REDACTED] unit.

-Added reply to report by High captain Da’lia [REDACTED].
From Grand Commandant [REDACTED] [REDACTED] of the GSC High Command, to High Captain Da’lia [REDACTED].


High Captain Da’lia [REDACTED],

This new information is indeed distressful, and as you say, raises many red flags. With council from Grand strategist [REDACTED] [REDACTED], and Elysium Grand Guardian [REDACTED] [REDACTED], we have decided to allow for more reconnaissance. Have your two agents recover more data, and evidence to this theory; if you are right, if they have done what we know as the greatest treason against not just Elysium, but against Genesi and the other home worlds, may god have mercy on their souls.

-High Commandant [REDACTED] [REDACTED], GSC High Command.

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