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I'm recently divorced, since March 2011, and my ex is already getting married. She has our 3 kids and wants to move to Montana with her new soon to be husband. I don't like it at all. I miss my kids and want to be able to see them.  I'm reluctantly in a new town with a new job and working on my new life but I'm sad. My kids and I miss each other and we want to see each other more than is possible right now. Keep us all in prayer about all the decisions we make and do. I ask for protection for my 3 kids with this move and strength and everything that will help them be well, which includes my ex's choices. 

Thank you.

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Will do
Most states have laws for this.  Check and see.  Like where I am, (Indiana) by law she has to file a moving petition with the courts and you have so many days to contest her move.  Custody or not.  In fact, I have known people that were required to move BACK home after they tried to move anyway.  I feel your pain brother and pray for you.


I've gone over the laws and am working with my ex to help both of us move on. I'm not sure what God will do but he loves us all and His will be done.

I'll keep you and your family in prayer.
That does sound hard.  i'm praying for you, too.
I know this is a very difficult time for you and it is a difficult time for your children.  Like David mentioned, as a father, you do have legal rights.  You need to get a lawyer and find what the law is in your state.  Your children need you and you need to fight to keep them in your life.  I will definitely pray for you, espeically that the Lord would give you comfort, strength, and wisdom.  

This is tough, and I pray for all involved.  There are no winners in divorce, period.  And with children in the's heartbreaking.



My dear brother, yes is a sad situation. Try to keep contact with your children and have patience to walk step by step the new life that begins for You. Difficulties temper the soul and prepare you to be a better and stronger man and father. I'm praying for You. I'm sure that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are watching You.


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