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I thought I'd start a humor thread! Post your funny drawings, captioned images (or captionable images) and short, funny comics!


Post original stuff, cite your source if you post someone else's stuff and keep it clean!


Don't make fun of any Christian group (with the exception of Presbyterians and Baptists).*         *This rule does not apply to really, really funny posts.


Try to keep it comics-related, unless you don't want to, then don't.


Be funny.


Don't be not funny.


Be not funny, but don't be hurt if nobody laughs.




Have fun!

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I'll start off with something mildly amusing I made. Hopefully we can progress to hilarious.

Name that game!

I drew it by hand! I'm so proud!

I made this for Valentine's Day! It's an Allosaurus. I found the photo and the heart online.

Ever see this?

I can't find the original site, but it was a pretty scathing satire (from a brother in Christ) online circa 2006.

Also, check out Kevin Frank's cartoons which are very funny:

I found the original image after all:

It's from a 2004 website called The Sacred Sandwich.

 Kind of reminds me of Calvinistic Cartoons.

I can see that from some of the other stuff on his site.  Still, I thought the 'book' was hilarious when I first saw it years ago.  Didja check out Kevin Frank's cartoons?  Very funny on their own terms.

Jotham David Parker said:

 Kind of reminds me of Calvinistic Cartoons.

No, I didn't look at that until today. The Bible toons are great. I always love Bible cartoons like Reverend Fun or those ones. I bookmarked it. Good stuff.

I apologize for making this.

I know I've got a good song going when this happens.


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