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I know this isn't the place for this, but My sister is in great danger!!! We need your prayers. She is not of god, but she really needs Jesus!!! She is living with a horrible man and he tried to kill her. He tried to strangle her and instead of calling 911 she calls my mom out of breath. My mom is trying to figure out where she lives so she can call the police. we think He gonna kill her. She told her to call the police. But she is just being a pansy. I shouldn't say that I know. We need prayers and she needs guidance. PLEASE!!!!

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We'll pray for you! 

Thank you. I been prying all night so I didn't get a good sleep.

I'll pray.

thank you.

Praying for protection, and boldness...and healing.

thank you so much.

Praying for your sister and your family.  I know how your mother is feeling. Praying that your sister leaves him. She may have to go into hiding in order to begin to sever the ties to her abuser. 



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