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UPDATE: I now have all the Testers needed to effectively rate and test this version.
Greetings Testers,
You have no idea how stoked I am to have you on board. I am elated to present to you FullarmourCross. A fixed expansion card game that follows my comic series found on which tells the story of 13 kids brought together for a common goal and mission.
I intended the game as a companion to the storyarcs in the series so it will follow what's going on in the book fairly closely.
The book and game both deal with issues that might not suit children younger than 10 (I.e. drug misuse, promiscuity, peer-pressure) so pre-teens and up are encouraged to play and read.
As we playtest through the rest of the winter. I encourage you to read the comic and share it with friends. I also encourage you to let other artists know about the opportunity to get their art featured in the first run of FullArmour cross

And if you're feeling chatty or confused come join us @ so we can all be on one page.
Your sister in Christ.
Blessings, Blessings, Blessings

I've got a pretty extensive packet for anyone who'd like to playtest FullArmour's fixed expansion card game...i want to release it pretty soon but i still need help ironing out kinks.
you of course get recognition and a collector's set when it releases.

Who do you need?
anyone who can read LOL no really it's a game that seasoned card gamers and first timers can play. it is designed for 1 to 10 players...tho my recommendation is up to 5 and players 9 and up can play...tho i recommend preteens and up. it's versatile.
if you want a play pack message me here or email me.

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I love card games! I would love to help. Me and my wife will try it out. I will try to give an honest and unbiased review. My e-mail is
I would love to help playtest this awesome product!
If there is still spaces available I'd like to take a peek at it too. I'll email my address to you
I would be glad to help you out. I have a son that is 10.5 and I could try it out with him and maybe get a few others to play as well. What do I need to do to get them. E-mail me at with the details.
Ok whew...I am so glad you are all so willing to help. I'm hoping I worked out most of the kinks. So i'll be sending packs out Monday.
On the ‘…Looking Glass’ card, the words 'Truthseeker', 'Deceiver' and 'DemonSeed' are misspelled.
ha yeah i'm pretty sure...i have a small awkward keyboard and long fingers so i have a tendency to hit extra letters and transpose letters, so i'm only letting it slide because we're in playtesting phase...the playpacks i send out actually have better spelling.
were do I sign?
it's at the bottom where it says that was you're reffering to? i'm slightly confused.
Ok guys i've sent out te packets a couple weeks ago...and was curious how playtesting is going...any questions?


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