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Plasmatic #1 & #2 now available through indyplanet!

Hey Everyone,

The second issue of my comic book Plasmatic is now available through Indyplanet, both hard copies and digital downloads.

Click here for issue #1:

Click here for issue #2:

On the surface this a comedic super hero story, but beneath the surface it deals of redemptive themes such as grace, faith, and providence vs free will---all without directly mentioning anything religious. I subscribe to CS Lewis's philosophy, knock on the doors of the heart first, then the head will follow.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and support. Being an independent creator isn't easy!

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Comic looks cool. As far as CS Lewis philosophy; I don't think that is the case anymore. Information has gotten so complex and fast. Nobody looks to be "saved" unless they think they are lost. The modern gospel is trying to get people to "come to Jesus" without telling them why. We can tell them all day long "Jesus Loves You" and they will say "great". Jesus is Savior . . .from what? The Bible teaches that the WRATH of God is coming on all unbelievers. Think about it.


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