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online card battle game developer needed for collab with comic artist

I am a comic artist in Richmond, VA. willing to collaborate remotely.
I have a print collectible card game that i'd like to have translated into an online card battle game.  The rules are pretty simple.  But i'm looking for anyone who wants to strengthen there portfolio with a pretty awesome game we can develop.

if you're interested lemme know.

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Have you considered using blenders game engine to create and test this game? To bring it to a more tested point, I mean?
I am just a lowly comic artst :) i know next to zero about programming games...if it's not drag and drop or click this for attributes then i don't know how to do it. I'm also afraid i'm busy trying ot keep the comic updated to learn extensively how to build a game hence my request for help.
I'm working on learning blender right now, hence I'm hesitant to offer help because I'm learning it. For example, it doesn't 'seem' hard from what I can see to copy artwork planes(pictures) manually with the blender version of line tools. Translating this into tables and an actual game still seems magical to me. I wish you luck in finding some help.
Are you looking for an artist or some one in another capacity?
a developer, and any artist who'd like to illustrate for this card game...i'm doig most of the wart as it is so any help'd be great. for the online portion of htis project i just wanted a developer who needed portfolio work.

Brian D said:
Are you looking for an artist or some one in another capacity?


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