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Journal entry:Hopes and Madness

Entry by: Subject 193:2, Jà’kar, age 7

Entry Date: 178th day, Season of Flame, Year 4538 ATP

Journal Entry:

There’s a voice in my head… I don’t know if I’m just falling to madness, if my mind is becoming gaunt; it wouldn’t seem too possible, seeing how short a time I’ve been here. It first came in a dream, or at least I think it was a dream; I was in a grey... area, I believe; the far off areas were covered in mist. It felt secluded, yet familiar… I don’t know; there was something else though, it was me, or me before all this. It felt like it wanted to say something; and it had a sense of innocence to it. The dream ended rather quickly though (It wasn’t a dream…) … I didn’t write that. I think I’m going mad, and my mind is holding on to any source of innocence, trying to rewind back to a time when I wasn’t like… this. (You’re lost) … Again, I swear I didn’t type that either. I’m just going to cross those things out, make sure it’s known what I’m unconsciously writing.

On another topic, I’ve finally taken off the bandages; I’ll be frank, It’s not as bad as I suspected, but it’s still not good. I should be freaking out right now, but like I said before, I can’t; Anyways, I think I have an inkling as to what they were going for, after testing some of my my new unwanted features, and they may have got it. My theory is that they were trying to make a “Soldier” with a fear factor; or an entity who can cause terror and input that into the heart of the enemy. Now I don’t have all the information (make notes) … but, it would seem better to keep thinking up theories, maybe find a way to use this against them, if I get of here.

Journal Update:

Nightfall: -34:24

I heard gunshots… (does it mean freedom?)… it may be an uprising, maybe someone found out what’s happening here. Whatever it is, I can only pray it’s successful.

Nightfall -34:27

The fire fight hasn’t stopped, and it’s gotten closer; but it’s not all good news. There were screams and a gunshot close by, it sounded like it was from one of the nearby cells; (missing life sign)… A small map thing just popped up… in my head? That voice, or madness (Not madness) is right, I can see an outline of the cells within a hundred feet; and far to the left of the map, two life signs are in a cell, one strong, and one fading. (Cleansing?) … I don’t know.

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