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Context of recorded Text: A series journal entries were made by a young Genesian who was a survivor of the "Mar'gani Attack".

Neural journal entry: Fortune favors not the young.

Entry by: Subject 193:2, Jà’kar, age 7

Entry date: 176th day, Season of Flame, Year 4538 ATP

Journal entry:

The doctor, I don’t know his name nor do I care, has left this journal program in, what’s called, a neural interface; apparently He and his… lackeys, put it in my head along with whatever other unnatural things they placed in me. I don’t know why he did, maybe he just forgot about it; in any case, I’m using it for my own needs. I hope that if anyone finds me, or my body, if I die in this disturbed place, that they read this and know what he did, or has started to do.

I have survived the doctors experiments, but I don’t know how many others did; whatever the doctor is doing, it's for war more than anything else. He has taken some of my… former tribe’ supplies, they worked on high tech medical equipment and bio-mechanical systems that were meant to help those in need; these are different, they’re changed, overcharged in a way. The doctor has used me in some experiments, I can't tell all that they've added to my body; but I can tell a few things. They’ve seemed to have added a cardiac supporting muscular system onto my heart, which means I’ll be able to calm my heart and keep its beating down much easier than before; I know because I’m completely calm in situations when i should be scared half to death. They’ve also added tendon enhancers, meaning I’ll be possible to react faster, I know because they tested my reaction time; making me catch things in different tests. I also seem to, from time to time, uncontrollably drool out a glowing blue substance; I know what it is, it’s Caragero venom, which means they put a venom replication system in me, seeing how it keeps happening; This substance is one of the most potent venom on Genesi, how it's not affecting me is unknown; maybe it was made weaker, or maybe its not connected to any veins, I may never know. These are just a few things I’ve noticed, and I don’t know what they’re making me into. I’m apparently in “Phase 2” as he says, all the necessary stuff was put in me, including this neural interface; I don’t know what this new phase is meant for, but I don’t want to find out. The doctor and his team have also done… physical modifications, which I can’t see as I’ve been covered head to toe in medical gauze; I don’t want to remove them, I don’t want to see the monster they’ve created. What’s worse is the room I’m staying in has a mirror, exactly my height; maybe it was a cruel joke, or maybe it was for other reasons, I can’t tell.

I miss my home, my tribe, my parents… they’re all gone… either dead or destroyed by whatever did it, an army that I never knew about. They hurt my people, pillaged my land, … and killed both my tribe and my parents; I won’t forget that… not for as long as I live. This doctor… He helped them, took me, and a few others of differing age; His actions... I don't think they'll be overlooked, I know that there will be consequences from both the Court of the Guardians and by God himself. As for this army of terrorists who put an end to my tribe, to my family; the world knows of their actions. May God forgive me... Cause I can say, that if I get out of this disturbed place; ... I will not show mercy to them.

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