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So I kinda need some help, If you want.

First, I need to figure out where exactly I can put my writings, cause I'm completely lost in that department.

Second, I provide many types of writing; One I do much more than any other is Military Document/Document types, which I use to help expand lore. So my questions are, What are types of Writings you'd like to see? Do you like a sense of mystery to characters? Do you want a mix of gritty/ sad stories and stories of good deeds from people guided by angels?

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Are they comics or documents? Any artwork can go up on the main page as photos, but I'm not sure about documents. 

As for the story genre, anything goes:  You as the writer should enjoy the story the most!! 

They're not Microsoft Word Documents, but writings in a document form. Say like military Documents Recording an event, or Historical Documents doing the same. Think The Document as a Type of Genre of writing, kind of like Murder Mystery, or Sci-Fi. I also Need help with where to submit my writings, cause I'm confused.

This is a serious question though, How do I submit writings on this site?

Ok, thanks.

Pictures and Videos seem to be the easiest to showboat on the site, but let me see about this... There's a Groups for Writers on the site, forums and discussions and you can attach your documents to replies or discussions you start.
I do like Brien's idea of hosting your work on separate site like Google Drive/Deviant Art, just in case this one has a hiccup, you'll have a singular location that holds all you stories/lore digitally.

Ok, I Just found the Writings section on the Discussions area, so maybe I'll do both.


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