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I had an AWESOME time at Amaicon today! It went really well and I saw some amazing cosplays. By far my favorite was an Ace Attorney group cosplay featuring two people dressed up as Phoenix and Edgeworth. Anyway, I've had trouble with several plot points in my comic:

1. I need an explanation for how superpowers work and are inherited in the universe the characters live in. I know I want the powers to have a scientific explanation and I know I want them to be heridatary somehow, but I'm not sure of an explanation. Any advice?

2. I need to figure out what happens to Brianna's clothes when she transforms. I don't want her clothes to change with her, but I need to figure out a way to hide what shouldn't be seen on the page, if you know what I mean. She doesn't always know when al

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Sorry. I'm typing from an iPod touch rather than a tablet. Anyway, she doesn't always know when she's about to change forms, so that could be a problem. Any advice?

3. I need a different name for the superpowered characters in my comic. I was originally using the term "mutant," (after the power-causing mutation I initially came up with as where the different powers came from), but then I realized The X-Men also uses this term. One thought I had was either "abnormal" or a derivative from a foreign word for "abnormal." What do you think? Any other ideas?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I went to "Word Hippo" and typed in "Abnormal" Here's what came up:

1. Anomalus

2. Disparate

3. Irregular

4. Heteroclite

And then looked up Latin words that mean the same thing

1. Abnormis (Abnormal)

2. Externus (Exotic, Foreign)

3. Insolitae (Unusual, Strangeness)

4. Inusitus (Rare, Odd)

I hope this helps : ) 


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