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I'm one of those people who can't draw from memory or just something from my head and I need help from someone who can. I keep coming up with stories and according to my family they would be better as comic books. The story I'm trying to write right now is a cross between stargate, Arthur and his knights, and animorphs. I know it's a lot but I take pieces of shows I liked and tried to give them a Christian spin.
You know how Arthur became king, by pulling the sword "Excalibur" from the stone. In some variations it was Merlin's test, most actually. What if Merlin had similar tests for each of Arthur's knights to take part in a crusade to defend earth from an alien race like the nephelim, called the Chaldoreen. Equipping each knight with a special power that would've been considered magic. Travel to other worlds through a threshold was common practice, traveling to the other six planets blessed with life. In the original crusade Arthur and his knights perished at the hand of the Chaldoreen commander Mordrid. Earth's threshold was destroyed by Merlin when they failed. The battle was far from over so Merlin began making more suits of armor, stronger than the first 12. He was only able to make 4 suits before his "time to sleep" closed in. Once again he setup tests for the future knights to prove themselves worthy.

On the other six worlds the legend of king Arthur was historical fact while it passed into myth on earth. So in the year 2246 a castle similar to Camelot is discovered by the space defense forces battle ship "Dakota" on the barren moon orbiting the planet trecus.
Even more perplexing than the castle is the fact that the small area it occupies is identical to earth in gravity and atmosphere.
Dr. Kevin foresite and his daughter Terra, along with his team of archeologists are sent from earth to translate the strange texts inscribed on the castle walls in hopes of discovering who built the castle on the moon, why, and what power maintains a perfect earth like environment around the castle. This is where the story begins.

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Hy Emily,

I can send you a couple of sketches for the comic on king Arthur. I love those stories and mixing medieval armor and sci-fi is a good blend. Can you give more detail regarding the armor you have in mind? Do you have a more traditional European model in mind or anime model?

I'm sorry I thought I replied on Friday .

Anime is good, the less cartoony style. There's four suits of armor made by Merlin: one looks like a centur, another a minataur, one for a jester, and the last for a girl whose armor allows her to change into all kinds of animals.

Each suit of armor has its own gift and weapon. For Paladin( the centaur battle mode) his gift is the ability to carry a whole arsonal of weapons.
Taurus (the minataur battle mode): weapon is an ax.
Gift is juggernaut charging ability.
Jester: weapon and gift a bag of tricks. Through molecular compression he can fit "fortnox" into his tiny bag. Being clever is also a formidable weapon.
Terra(animorph): the ability to change into all manner of animals for attack, rescue, recon, or infiltration.
If you need more details let me know.


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