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I’ve been looking for some good mystery anime and manga. In terms of anime, I really like Case Closed/Detective Conan and the Ace Attorney anime. I’ve started watching Psycho-Pass, but I haven’t seen enough to know if I’ll enjoy it or not yet (yes, I was able to get through a pretty graphic death at the beginning of the show). I tried to watch Danganronpa but couldn’t get past the the first couple of execution scenes. For manga, I really liked School Judgement and the Ace Attorney manga. These are the only mystery series I’ve been able to find that have English translation (and and English Dub for the anime; I have trouble fallowing the story of Japanese dubs with English Dubs). Are there any other mystery anime that have English dubs out there? Any you would recommend?

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Watch the series called ERASED

Thanks for the suggestion. I just added Erased to my watchlist on Hulu.

I LOVE ERASED!!! That show is absolutely FANTASTIC!! 

Have you read "Bad End Night" by Hitoshizuku-p? It's a mystery that's three books long about Hatsune Miku. I love that one, and it's completely clean. Tsubata Nozaki's artwork is gorgeous. The ending blew my mind! 

I’ll have to check those out. Thanks so much! 


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