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Should Christians Comic book creators have a target audience or should the audience always need to be for the all-ages?

Should Believers add blood to their content and I'm not talking about the cross?

Should a Christian Artist develop mature content?

By mature content, I mean mature subject matter in culture or society like human trafficking or the effects of domestic violence.

Personally, I'm not saying I don't have a heart for it. Yet, can see how other believers can.  


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I think it is fine if it's part of the story and you indicate the story is for older readers.

The bible has some pretty graphic stuff in it. Reality is reality as long as mature content  not glorified.

There's plenty of Christian radio shows and tv shows that deal with mature topics. It's part of life. My opinion is as long as we can still place God in it and tell what He thinks about it and what we should do as believers in response to it.

Fantastic questions!


Should Christians Comic book creators have a target audience or should the audience always need to be for the all-ages?


I would suggest, always have a target audience. If you're too general, you reach no one (Learned this from Comix35 session in  Quebec!)


I think people are smart enough to know what is for an older person and what is for a younger person - I mean you put a certain image on your cover and it pretty much tells people who it belongs to right away.


Also, sometimes you can only show certain content in a certain way to a certain audience. If that happens to be an older/mature audience, then present the content accordingly.

Should Believers add blood to their content and I'm not talking about the cross?


I don't think adding blood to your content is a major issue. However gratuitous/excessive violence with blood splatter and gore and fountains of blood spewing all over the place wouldn't be particularly edifying. If someone gets shot, they bleed. If an arm gets cut off...


For me it's a matter of being true to the content and context. However, that can always be done with taste, and restraint. If the artist needs to make a point with blood, that artistic license is by all means allowed, but should be really well thought out.

Should a Christian Artist develop mature content?


I say YES! But mature content can run the gamut:

  • Is a deep philosophical debate/discussion/concept that is portrayed in a comic "mature content"
  • Showing people fighting in various scenarios?
  • Showing sexuality...(Husband/wife, Song of Solomon... other to make a point)
  • Drug use...
  • Abuse...
  • Typical conversations or issues that adults deal with on a daily basis...***
  • and the list goes on

Doing "mature content" is an available outlet, but doing it with restraint, class, good taste and prayer would be highly recommended.


*** Sometimes "Mature Content", in my opinion, has nothing to do with blood, guts, gore or sex. Sometimes just discussing things like: Abortion; Evolution; War; Slavery; Prostitution; Drug use; Gangs; Rape; Suicide/Suicidal tendencies; Depression; Government; Caste systems; Marriage; Polygamy; Etc. etc. etc. are "Mature Content" in and of themselves. Things can be presented in different ways. One can even end up presenting the exact same information, to completely different audiences - it all depends on how it's illustrated and shown.




I agree. The Bible itself is written for mature audiences. If it were a realistic movie it would have an NC17 rating due to the gratuitous blood, sex, violence and overall mayhem that happens throughout the 4000+ year time frame the collection of books, stories, histories and laws cover. My project is more on the gritty end. But my life experiences are more on the gritty end. I have not had the luxury of living a sheltered life that most Sunday going Christians have the privilege of living. I have seen humanity at its worst (and best). And as I see it, that is were God sees us and Christ meets us is at that very point of reality. If life were a the Sunday afternoon fantasy that is portrayed in some Christian works…then what is the use, want or need for a blameless, sacrificial messiah named Jesus?


I believe that if your storyline covers the topic go for it. If it gets sexually explicit, brutally violent, or just hurtful…the story does just that. As long as we hide our faces and pretend that issues don’t exist we only fool ourselves and give Satan the tactical advantage he so loves… to hide in plain view. I someone has a hang up with that particular issue and you (as the story creator) are approaching it from a strong Biblical setting then your evangelistic work will be well at hand. If you are writing/creating/drawing “smut” and “gore” just to “arouse lust” then your heart is in the wrong place and you should go a soul check.

We're the Body of Christ, the foot does not have the same Job as the hand. I don't believe in overdoing it but I also believe in making Comics that are real, and that appeal to sinners. If we create Comics that are full of fantasy, we are making comics for a fantasy audience, if we make real comics, comics that aren't afraid to speak what is going on with society, we will be making it for a real audience. Just my opinion. Mature is reality, so I have to back it up.

I always try to live by one rule when I write a storyline. I consider two things when I write a story in my head 1 does the Bible condemn it and 2 will this draw people toward God or away from God. The rule i try to live by is if I have to question whether this is right or wrong, don't do it. Pretty much as the apostle Paul said avoid all appearance of evil. We should try to create stories that are real but we should be careful not to cross the line into being pornographic, or glorifying sin. Remember it is never right to do wrong in order to get a chance to do right. If we do a scene that involves prostitution or some other sin, we should be very careful not to glorify it. 

I've seen this subject batted around the Christian comics message boards since the late '90s (and in the CCAS 'snail mail' newsletters of the mid-'90s).  My answer at present would invoke two further questions:  what is the motive of our hearts?  And are we in a place where we can discern the voice of God in this matter?  (not only in the general revelation found in the Scripture, but as He particularly speaks to us in our varied states of body/soul/spirit - and various strengths and weaknesses)

The great 19th century evangelist D. L. Moody said he would rather err on the side of caution, and I think that is an admirable, unselfish sentiment, not wanting to cause others to stumble.

Kind regards in Christ Jesus,


If it's in the bible it's admissible(jus be sure to show a rating in some form or another), but if you don't point to Christ Jesus the Messiah it not Christian anyways -so what's the point. Jesus said:

Luke 6:45 - A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.

I think my views have been pretty much summed up here.  I do have a target audience for most of my stuff, but even in my mature content I wouldn't have nudity or excessive violence and gore.   In graphic form, you can always show stuff out of frame or inferred.  Things don't have to be shown for someone to know it's going on or has happened.

I think it can be done and while I know what you mean by "Mature Content," I think it can probably be done in a way that isn't a rated "Mature" content, but it a PG13 sort of way.

How deviant is that? Make mature content in a way so that it's rated PG13, so that more underaged kids are exposed to mature content, giving them a higher proclivity to mature, sin, or both? What motive would anyone have in doing that? If it's mature content leave it labeled as such, even if it's staged PG13, don't lead/fall into any kind of perversion.

Acts 20:30 - Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

@Adam I think what you're saying is it can be done so that it's no longer mature, and like what dan's sayin i'd agree it's possible. But i wouldn't take any chances in causing anyone to stumble, if the content's mature then leave it rated that way the parent's can decide.

Adam Graham said:

I think it can be done and while I know what you mean by "Mature Content," I think it can probably be done in a way that isn't a rated "Mature" content, but it a PG13 sort of way.

Alika, the name-calling instinct's not cool.

I was referring to what the original poster was calling mature content which is talking about human trafficking or domestic violence, not gratuitous sex or violence. A topic like human trafficking isn't something that should be "adults only" as an awareness of it can leads teens to action. And teens deal with domestic violence in their own lives. I think it would be wrong to try and talk about those issues in such a graphic manner, that only people who are willing to read "M" rated comics can actually study them.

Because even though I'm not underage, I really don't care to read something that is over the top in sex and violence which is what I take "M" rated titles for.

Adam Graham said:

Alika, the name-calling instinct's not cool.




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