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I am really having a hard time figuring out God's will for my life and wether or not that I can even obtain His will for my life due to my situation.

Back in 2002 I was up for a pastorial position in a local church and my wife at the time had an affair and basically left me. Needless to say it shattered my life.

In 2003 I met my present wife and we have been married now for almost four years. I love her greatly but I do feel that we are going against scripture that states to remarry is adultery. One reason I feel this way is because I don't hear God anymore and another reason being that since we have married it has just been one tribulation after another. I really don't know what to do. I still seek God. I try to have at least an hour a day of quite time but I hear nothing and I have no direction for my life.

Just trying every opition I know how and seeing if anyone here has any Godly guidance. Thanks.

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You just had to take one more shot. Sure hope you never get in a position where you need mercy because remember what you give is what you will receive.

Grow up and grow a pair.

Wow grow up and grow a pair huh? Brutha you are an awful brave person when talking on the net. You don't know me that well and you sure aint a Christian. Your coarse language proves that.

Hope you have a blessed life.

Well, bless your heart!

Bless you. Bless you very much.

Just wanted to let everyone have an update on my situation. I have posted a journal over at my deviantart site and started to take donations and we have raised about $550 toward the $1200 that we need. Here is a link to the journal:

If you can pray, donate or pass the word please do. If you can donate please use my paypal account which is:

Thanks and hope everyone is blessed.
hey mate, really feel for you suffering so much in the past and present. Sounds like your current marriage is good and I've studied those verses you referred to about adultery and the exemption is made when there is unfaithfulness. The verse that came to my mind about this is Luke 13 where Jesus explains that God doesn't exact punishment by disasters because of our sins - He explains that we're all sinners and deserve Punishment but He is merciful. The Disasters happened to people who were no worse than anyone else around at that time. ie. there is no such thing as 'Karma'. Jesus' point is that we get our hearts right and be repentant and get right with God because the real Judgement is coming for everyone. It sounds like you're sensitive to the Holy Spirit in that way so He's working on you- therefore that's a good thing-right? It's just after this though in Luke 13, I just discovered that Jesus mentions the Tree that He will dig around and wait for fruit- I would never want to condemn you brother, but just as you're honestly searching your heart, it sounded like you used to know God in a deeper way and now something's different. Maybe it's like, bitterness against God because of Rotten stuff happening? I heard a great message by John Piper on Romans 8v26.-God gives the Holy Spirit to groan with us when we hit the wall and don't know what to do. This is written to Godly saints. they haven't done ANYthing wrong- they just live in this fallen, stuffed up, world. Rubbish is bound to happen to us and just like Luke 13- the most important perspective is the Eternal One. My verse I've been hanging on to in suffering is Hebrews 12:26-29 -everything gets shaken like Heck in our lives on earth- and only the Eternal things will remain, so that's a good thing. Remember that Jesus was and is the Apple of God's Eye and He suffered a lot worse than us, right? So, it doesn't mean that God doesn't love us when we're being shaken to pieces.

I hope to hear that your situation is improving and that no matter what pressures come from the outside that God grants you the Truth that is Strength and Peace to equalise the pressure. He that is in you is greater than He who is in the world. Do not be Overcome by Evil but Overcome Evil with Goodness. Phil 4:8 (ignore people who aren't your friends and aren't helping- hope you've got some 'family' to lean on- what about your church?)

I agree with that guy who said you could be being too hard on yourself. you've been through heck and you've got to recover. remember the Widow's offering- Jesus said her measely copper coins were worth MORE than all the rich people! Just give what goodness you can- your Good Works are probably worth more than what you think. I like the army analogy- there is soldiers on the front line, there is wounded, recovering in Hospital, and there are Soldiers in Training to get ready for Battle. If you're wounded, you're still doing your part, getting healthy again ready to fight back. Let's get angry at evil and do something gentle, selfless and beautiful- just to spite satan! that's what these comics are about, we HATE this evil- and we're doing something about it
grow a pair of skates and Step off David!
step off the bus, go home and think about it a bit more?


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