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So I've run into a problem. I've been using the term "mutant" (after the power-causing mutation) to describe the superpowered characters in my comic, but I found out the same term is used in The X-Men. Do you think this is a problem? If it is, can you please help me come up with a different name? (It took several months for me to come up with "mutant," and no, I don't want to use the term "superhero" because it's generic and my characters are the "not wearing tights" variety of heroes).

I've also come up with the different types of mutations:

Mental: Telekinesis, superhuman intelligence, ability to hear sound fragments from long distances

Clarity: Invisibility, X-Ray Vision

Nature: Shapeshifting, nature control

Physical: Super strength, super speed, rapid cell regeneration, super endurance, heightened senses

Interpersonal/IP (possibly a different name): Mind reading, ability to feel other people's emotions, mind control, ability to take over another person's body for five minutes, ability to erase people's memories (though not completely).

It's also worth knowing that some non-IP mutants can feel other people's emotions, most likely caused by a traumatic experience they've had.

Each power has some sort of drawback. Characters with the clarity mutation are blinded when they turn invisible. When a person with the IP mutation takes over someone else's body, they're own body appears dead (not to mention it's very easy for an IP mutant to take over someone else's body involuntarily; all it takes is five seconds of eye contact). Characters with the nature mutation have a lot of health problems due to their transformations. Telekinesis is highly addictive. Do you have advice for other drawbacks?

Any help/suggestions on any of these ideas/issues is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I don’t think it’s a problem to use the term Mutant since the Ninja Turtles series use that term all the time. Maybe because mutants are defined differently in each series. Mutants are people with superpowers, while mutants in Ninja Turtles are people or living beings turned into monsters. Maybe try to come up with a new term just for the sake of safety.
Thanks! The best I can come up with is the term "abnormal" (or some derivative of it from a language besides English). What do you think? Also, thank you so much for responding. I was getting worried!


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