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I am acquainted with many cartoonists, fans or pundits who have been reacting to the deaths of the twelve French satire cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo. The purpose and humor of the magazine was foul, stupid, and gratuitously perverse, so I certainly could agree with those who were saying “Je Suis Charlie? Non!” (Am I Charlie? No!).  But that only says what I am not.  Je suis…what?    Je suis Jesus? Oui, bien sur!

On the chance that others had reached this same conclusion, I googled ‘"je suis Jesus" and came across this elegant and scripturally backed essay written by Brisbane pastor Nick Campbell.  Check it out at:

Afterwards you can practice your newest French phase along with me: Je suis Jesus!  Oui, Oui!

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This is a great article!  The whole Charlie Hebdo situation has not been sitting well with me for a while now and this article helps me clarify some of my thoughts.


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