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I received this today from the 'Reaching Japanese for Christ' (RJC) Network and thought some of the brothers & sisters here would like the information:

March 11, 2011

You all are aware of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has hit Japan’s east coast area. Thank you for praying. All of the friends and church workers that we have heard from are reporting that they are safe. But there are a number of churches, especially in the Sendai area, that are out of contact with the rest of Japan. Miyagi Prefecture has over 2.3 million people and Sendai is a city of over a million that stretches from the Sendai Bay on to the west and the mountains. There are over 80 churches in this city. Especially pray for the leaders and Christians who are serving those in great need.

Two important words besides prayer:

1) Please give generously, especially through Christian organizations. RJC recommends CRASH Japan, which is strongly recommended by the Japan Evangelical Missionary Association. CRASH Japan has set their offering system through Horizon Online.

2) Please don’t plan to go to Japan to help with the relief efforts, unless you are well trained and have a valid organization that has invited you to come. Often well-intended servants come to help, but actually require on-site staff to divert their attention to caring for those who come.


Like the RJC folks, the people with whom we (COMIX35) work in Japan all appear to be okay so far, too. Some of them have reported damage – no details currently – but no injuries or loss of life. People we know in downtown Tokyo had some of scariest times apparently. The aftershocks were/are pretty bad.


In Christ,


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Thank you for the update, Nate!  I read that this was the fifth largest earthquake (8.9 on the Richter scale) in recorded history.  Hawaii also had a 4.1 quake after this one, and New Zealand and Haiti previously. 


Read Matthew 24, folks.  The time is now.  Jesus is coming soon!

Will be praying.

They actually said on the news coverage that they had a measurement of 9.0 - though the confirmed and used number 8.9


Matthew 24 indeed. And the giant mudslides in Thailand or Taiwan a year or so ago...


Praying - and you can also give support through World Vision.





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