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My name's Will Boyer and I'm the cartoonist of the secular all age's comedy "The Misadventures of SuperMilo" ( since 2009. However I've also been called, much earlier in life, by God to missionary work, something I've been stumbling for over 10 years to figure out how to do. I've taken 4 years of Bible college (Piedmont Baptist College; now known as Piedmont International University) and 3 years of animation college (where I learned 2D and 3D animation, as well as digital special effects for live action movies) and I'm more ready now than ever to break into comics and to serve the Lord. I'd like to combine these passions, Lord willing, so I've also started work on Christian comics, such as the superhero Gospelman. Although I have more experience in comic strip style comics, I also do standard narrative comics (or whatever the proper term is for those).


But that's not what I do for a living. Married and in need to provide for my wife and any future kids, I'm working a regular day job. I want that to change, but I'm not sure how. So I'm here. I'm looking for advice, information, help, mentoring, and anything else I can get. Direction. That's what I'm looking for. I feel overwhelmed with not knowing who to talk to or where to go or what to do to become successful as a cartoonist. Then there's also the aspect of ministry. I feel less overwhelmed about ministry because I don't need a publisher or a supporting church or anything other than God's guidance to just get out into the community and get to work. Although the support sure makes it easier and gives direction too!


I feel that my art still has lots of areas I could improve in and so I've been considering taking through-the-mail courses from the Joe Kubert School of comic art and etc. I'm looking for a mentor or at least advice and direction. I'm obviously looking for job opportunities as well. As far as ministry goes, I am called by God to share the Gospel in general and I have a specific burden for reaching the Jewish people with the good news of their Messiah. I do lots of studying the Bible, commentaries, Jewish Apocryphal writings, and other related material in my free time - when not script writing or drawing, that is.


If you have any advice or anything, that's awesome. Give me a reply here or send me an e-mail at samuraimilo at or send me a note on my deviantart account at Thanks!

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Hey Will. Welcome to this community of believers. I liked your Deviantart work - you should add some of those things here.

I have been a member of Comics Experience for several years now and have taken several classes with them. It is led by Andy Schmidt, and ex-editor for Marvel and IDW. They offer workshops, classes, forums, book clubs, master classes, and an incredibly supportive community.

They are not a religious group, but they are very welcoming of all aspiring creators for all facets of comic work.

I don't have any business ties with them or get any kickbacks. I would strongly recommend checking them out if you are serious about comics.

Welcome, sir.

I'd say bible study & pray more with your family, talk with them, sharing what the Holy Spirit has been laying on your heart. Ask them to pray for you and get their(moreso your wife's) input, ideas, what they think could aide you in carrying out the Spirit's commands for your life. Prayerfully they'll grow, you'll grow, and above all He'll be lifted. Then once you have an idea(comic, web strip, schooling); as to what you've to do, then let us know, and I'm sure people round here'll be able to help.

Welcome, Will!  I'm an instructor at the Kubert School (since 1992), and publish Christian graphic novels, books, tracts, and posters via my imprint  There are many fine humorous cartoonists like Ron Wheeler, Cedric Hohnstadt, and Kevin Frank (look them up!) who do Christian strip and tract work, and others who have a more illustative approach.   There are so many great texts out there to improve one's work in both areas, and so much more.  In the end, you just have to knuckle down and do it---a lot! 


Kind regards in Christ Jesus,


Aaaaand... WE'RE LIVE!

Gospelman Ministries

I'm very proud to announce the Gospelman Ministries Patreon web page, which I've been working on for maybe over a month now. If you're interested in seeing Christian comic strips, books, graphic novels, radio dramas, animations, video games, and other entertainment media that will not only give kids, young adults, and the young at heart a much needed positive alternative with a Christian message to today's entertainment choices, but also to help spread the Gospel message and educate and build up the faith of people who are already believers, then please consider praying for or even supporting the mission. Just like Pastors and Missionaries cannot effectively preach or make disciples full-time without the financial support of other believers, neither can I, or at least not until book sales start yielding a livable income to support my family. Please note that the Gospelman webcomic strip and Gospelman Adventures webcomic stories will ALWAYS be free to read online for everyone (as well as our upcoming webcomic "At The Master's Feet"!). The goal is to spread the Gospel message! We thank you for any support you can give, prayer or financial. Please follow the link to see our ministry fund raising page. As I continue building it, you will see the already created and published comic strips and pages appear for public viewing, as well as new content as it comes. Feedback also appreciated!

Hi Will!

Welcome to CCAS!

This might not be the perfect advice for you, but I can only share my own story. I want to encourage you, and let you know that self publishing has never been better or more accessible to the average person. You actually don't need a publisher necessarily.

What you need is:

1. A good story
2. Compelling well designed characters
2. Art talent, writing talent
3. A knowledge of social media promotion (to promote yourself)
4. An understanding of kickstarter if you want to raise funds
5. A website (try using wix)
6. A printer (Try Kablam, print on demand).

AND #7: Perseverance.

I am told that it takes 3-4 years before a new intellectual property gains a following, so plan on persevering in your endeavor for the long haul.

And finally, if you decide to go the self publishing route, choose a job with significant free time (security guard?); or work only part time so you are free to devote time to writing and drawing.

I chose the part time route, and I think by God's grace I am starting to make some progress in my projects.

If you want art advice, I and other son here would be happy to provide critique, just post stuff and ask for it.

And yes, going back to school is always an option. You just have to decide if that option is right for you. Personally, I learned a lot from art school; but I know in my heart I need to learn the rest by doing, while working towards my current goals.

My stuff might not be perfect, but the more I do, the more i will grow as an artist.

Anyway, welcome to our community!

Warm regards!

Tom Montgomery
Sorry, I just realized that you posted this in 2013, haha!

It's okay, man! I just posted [Edit: yesterday] a comment above about my Patreon account for Gospelman and related comics and projects. I've been busy. I put my original secular webcomic on hiatus and started working for a publisher. They can't pay me and I don't have significant time to work for them. Furthermore, I just don't make enough money to support my family and my employer has turned on me in the last two years. I may be forced to work for my uncle in pest control for 5-6 days a week. Hope not. I was working on this Patreon just before I got his call, so I'm seeing if God works. Meanwhile I still have the work for the small-time publisher and my other webcomic to do, if I so choose and the Lord wills. But as long as they don't make enough money, at least to boost my income significantly, I'm not sure how I can say no to full-time work. Oh, and yes, I have been using Ka-Blam since late 2009, early 2010.

Thanks again, man!

Tom Montgomery said:

Sorry, I just realized that you posted this in 2013, haha!

I really like your banner in your patreon site. I had just finished writing up ideas for my future patreon site and then I saw yours. I like it so far. I have been doing my web comic for 7 years


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