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Hello everyone. 

My name is Anthony and I am Pastor first and foremost professionally. Beyond that, my desire is to be the man God calls me to be in all areas of my life.  I am excited to have found a group like this where others like me who enjoy comics can come together in a biblically safe place. Over the past couple of years I have watched as I had to limit more and more of the comics my kids could read for exactly that reason. As a result a friend of mine and I began to work on a comic book of our own.  I was looking for a publisher and artist when I found this group online. 

My partner and I are looking for a style similar to young justice, or one piece. 

Basic idea of the story is that the modern city has gotten so corrupt that not even heavens angels can not be in the city because the atmosphere is toxic to them.  Demons and evil spirits control everything, yet most people believe everything is ok.   As a result God calls up a (Remnant) teens ranging from 14 to 19 with different backgrounds both socially and spiritually. A atheist, a believer, agnostic, a private believer, and an in-decided.  As God's Remnant they receive various gifts/powers in order to begin to fight back. We also follow them on their own different paths to faith, and their growth.   

We have one years worth of story laid out, and a plan for 4 years worth of stories.  Our hope is to release one book,  the equivalent of about 4 issues a quarter. 

If this  is something you might be interested in partnering up with us please let me know.



Pastor Anthony

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Good Evening Pastor Anthony,

My name is Leigha Sherman. I am a writer and graphic illustrator. Your comic book idea is extremely intriguing and I would love to talk with you about it. Please feel free to contact me. 



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