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One idea that I am definitely game for is to do a collaborative type of comic where a single theme is present throughout and different illustrators contribute.  This will offer the opportunity of artists on all levels to draw. REGARDLESS of level of ability. I m sorry if I seemed like I was alienating artists of lets say less technical expertise, Its wrong to do that, EVERYONE should and can have a voice. If we all get together and post say an online version of something that we can all contribute to over time, we can make one MASSIVE comic that can have all kinds of twists and turns. Scott Mc cloud talked about projects like this in the early days and to my  knowledge I dont know if anyone ever picked up the ball and ran with this.

I think we should try.

any thoughts.

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Elgin bolling said:
Peter escaping from Prison. Are we starting the story leading up to his arrest, jail time, and release by the angel? I have no objection to the story, but see it simply becoming just a retelling of that event without much wiggle room for artistic interpretation. If I've misunderstood something, please re inform me. I guess what I mean is that in a prodigal story there is more room for creative license. Particularly his adventures on the road, so to speak. The scriptures saw he wasted his dads money on riotous living. Now I'm not advocating we draw anything too illicit, but I'm sure you see where this can go artistically. My suggestion is that every week two weeks month, we give out to the artists writers here a blank slate. For instance. This week we focus on the events that led up to the prodigal wanting to leave...this week we focus on the dialogue with him and his dad, this week we focus on his adventures on the road...this week we focus on him losing everything...this week we focus on him digging to survive...this week we focus on him coming to his senses and the return home... Etc.
Assignment is set up like this, no one jumps ahead, each person has the opportunity to draw and write within their own style, each person also builds up a body of work to present online or off in any form they want. We can even at some point do an anthology where we show the various interpretations. Since the prodigal has no copyright issues it's- a win win for anyone who wants to participate.
Again, my apologies for my lack of participation for a time. I have been working very diligently on other projects that left little room for much else. I'm even writing this post at three in the morning!



We might be on slightly divergent paths. But not because of lack of want.

Perhaps, but don't think my previous discourse was a "rejection"of what you purposes earlier. I'm not one of those, my way or the highway guys. I just wanted to lay out my original idea for this after realizing that I had been vague before. I guess to, my particular style being caricature cartoony causes me to think also, that I personally may struggle with a more traditional story line format. I really Do want to do this, whatever we decide to do..which could be both! Lol. Please tell me what steps you would like me to take so I can go in some directiom

Hi Elgin - my comment was supposed to be written in bemusement and with humor. The problem with these online things is tone is difficult to present.


I have no issues with the prodigal son as a tale - just does it fit the framework I had previously sent you - and we're you ok with that? We might be able to wedge the prodigal son into it.


Ok. Let me stew.



Send me a link to that framework again. I'm getting buried with soooo much stuff it's hard to catalog it all... And I thought the paperless society would be easier.....
I know exactly what you're talking about. I run my own small business, and in the last 3 days I've lost track of  more emails than I care to admit.


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