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Hi my name is Poporetto and I'm drawing a comic based on the Gospel of Mark :)

Hi brothers and sisters! Thank you for letting me join this wonderful community! :)
My name is Poporetto and I'm currently in a project to draw the whole Gospel of Mark. At the moment I'm up to chapter 7,  please give some feedback and feel free to use them if you would like to use them :)

Here is thelink to the comic strips

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Love the basic design; the characters have lots of emotional engagement, and a childlike design which could relate well to younger viewers/readers.  Really well done!

My only suggestion is to give your strips the "shrinkability test:" seeing how small you can shink the strip with out seriously sacrificing clarity or engagement. Different vendors will have different size requirements, and some of your thicker lines may cause you problems as you try to meet their demands.

Otherwise, this looks great!

Thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement!! :) :) 
That's a good advise, I'll definitely consider that next time I draw another page :) :)

I love how you drew the Pharisees' expressions! They're so cute and awful. :) 

Thank you so much Carrie Hill!! XD

Thank you Lizzie!!

Awwwwww~!! <3

Hehe thank you Yoshi Rhul!

AAAAH! I am dieing from too much cuteness! I am reading the bible right now so I recognized one of the scripture. or maybe two.

Thank you for your kind words! That's awesome! What book are you reading at the moment? :)

You are very welcome!

I am reading a really uncomfordable book called The Child Thief.

It is based off of Peter Pan story. A retelling.

I am also fascinated by the weirdness, but it is very uncomfortable to get through.

It took me a long time to get through the first chapter. It is a big book too and I am also a very slow reader. sooooo yeah.

I love it
Very nice. Where are you publishing these?


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