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Hello, Im Samuel, from Indonesia :D

im a fresh graduate in industrial design
Here's my works :

its in Indonesian, mostly, due to the target market...

So, since God called me, I intend to make webcomic my fulltime job (and my ministry too). But I dont know how (im new in this comic world)... maybe you guys can help show me the way ? :)

thanks for letting me join this forum !

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Hi Samuel,  I looked over some of your panels on Facebook; very practiced looking! The lines are clean, the layout is easy to follow and engaging. The character display interesting emotions, and the two-color panel looks good!  One other thing I really like about your comic is that because it has a simple clear design it could potentially be shrunk onto to a smaller format that could run as an app on a phone.

   What would you like help with??

hello. sorry for the late response. been busy these last few days. thanks for the appreciation :D

i want to know how a webcomic artist can survive :D i intend to make webcomic my full time job, but i dont know how...

     I'm going to guess that since you are a college graduate, you have already given your question("How to make a living as a full time webcomic artist") some thought and research.  We have several sections (go to DISCUSS heading at the top of this page, this choose BUSINESS AND LOGSTICS sub heading to get the information you're most interested in) which deal with this topic.  Since the more serious webcomic artists have their own websites with listed contact emails or blogs, you should also comb this site and gallery sites for the artists you like the look of, then ask them directly for advice.

I can pretty much guarantee that your search will be very long and often discouraging, and you learn firsthand that "surviving" is far more a spiritual than physical term. However the Lord's faithfulness and love (Exodus 31:6-8) will become far more than just words in those times of growth (Hebrews 12:5-9). God's speed, Samuel.

thanks a lot! really helpful :) actually since graduating i survive by God's grace too... freelance job, winning competition. really nice to see im not the only one taking this path :')

Hi Samuel! I had a look at your comics and I must say I'm really really impressed by it!! :)
They're really good and emotional too!! :) Keep using your talents for God!
I'm from Indonesia too btw :)

thanks :D wow, do you have ig or fb?

Welcome aboard! We are glad you are here.


Welcome to the Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) Online Network!

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