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Hi, i'm new here and the computer suggested I introduce myself here, and I always do what computers say, so...
I'm a comic artist from Australia, used to be in the animation industry but now do freelance illustration from my home to put bread on the table. My 'Cranky Bob the Cactus' 2 page comic came second in the 2nd International Christian Comics Competition, and apart from that I have contributed short comics to the 'Pulp Crucifiction' anthologies by Australian comic artists. I hope to make a whole stack of christian comics in the future, so I'm looking forward to meeting all you awesome christian comic creators! My testimony comic is at:
I'll post a few eg's of my stuff here, if you have 5 minutes to kill, check out my portfolio at
All God's best,
Matt Baker

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Thanks, Matthew! Yeah it took me a whole day to do that border, and I mean a WHOLE day. I'd just had my wisdom teeth taken out and had time off work, so I just drew all day. Anyway, glad you like it.
Hey Matt,

Welcome. Nice artworks too. You'll find so many resources here in this site. I'm also a newby. Hope to see more of your works and yourself :-)
Hi Matt! I'm on deviantart as well--I've put a watch on you, just look for me in that category (I'm meezerkat). I wanted to take a look at your gallery but Deviantart is having "issues" tonight (probably too many people on a Friday night) so I will look another time. I also had an entry in the Christian Comics book--mine is the Song of Solomon submission. Look forward to considering your work!
Hi Kathleen,
yeah i love your song of solomon comic! I already knew who you were from your testimony comic on Nate Butler's site. I'll check out your deviantart site, it will be great to see more of your work!


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