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Hi, i'm new here and the computer suggested I introduce myself here, and I always do what computers say, so...
I'm a comic artist from Australia, used to be in the animation industry but now do freelance illustration from my home to put bread on the table. My 'Cranky Bob the Cactus' 2 page comic came second in the 2nd International Christian Comics Competition, and apart from that I have contributed short comics to the 'Pulp Crucifiction' anthologies by Australian comic artists. I hope to make a whole stack of christian comics in the future, so I'm looking forward to meeting all you awesome christian comic creators! My testimony comic is at:
I'll post a few eg's of my stuff here, if you have 5 minutes to kill, check out my portfolio at
All God's best,
Matt Baker

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Wow, your quite the busy-body, huh? I've won first place at the High School Journalism Awards for a one page comic I did, but other then that....homework. I've gotten awards for that. Whose the real newby, right? Anyway, your lists here are an inspiration to me as I stumble around in high school, and I really hope you do accoplish that stack of comics you're dreaming of. Hopefully I'll be able to buy some here in the states! Then I can say I commented on the author's disscussion, which will be really impressive.
Ha ha, thanks. Nuthink wrong with getting awards for homework. I wouldn't know what that's like, I was too busy drawing on my homework to actually do it :) Sounds like you're too smart for a career in comics, go become a vet, it pays better and you get to pat puppies ;)
Hey, just because I do homework doesn't mean I don't draw in school! I nearly got a C in Algebra because I was constantly sketching in my agenda (where I should have been writing my homework down...) As for sounding smart, I just read a lot, and that helps normal people talk like collage professors.
I love your work and the comic of your life. I have always hoped to be an illustrator of children's christian books someday. Keep up the good work!
I'm a newby too, and I enjoyed looking over your stuff. Even though I'm more of a fine artist, I hope to illustrate children's books someday. Great work you've done.
Thanks for the encouragement. Do you have any examples of your fine art online?
I sit here and I can't come up with the phrase that would best express my fellings about the work you have done(without sounding tacky or just stupid) I LOVE YOUR WORK!!! I have been aware of the deviantart site but haven't gone there(horrible procrastinator) but I want to see more of your work. Well done and God bless
Thanks for the massive compliment. It's nice to know when someone likes my art, especially when there's so many artists I know whose artworks make my pictures look like they were drawn by something without thumbs.
DeviantArt! Sweet! I'm watching, you've got some awesome stuff! :)
Hey, thanks for that, Bluefire, I didn't know any of that about deviantart, I was just told about it by a friend so I joined up. I will check out the ones you recommended, they definitely sound 'nicer'.
Thanks Emily :)
that pulcinella page 8 is amazing. I am a geek for that cooky detailed stuff. that border must have taken a long time.

anyways welcome to the site.

can't wait to look at your portfolio.


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