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I didn't do this sooooooo here I go.

I am a huge weirdo. No seriously I am.

I have learning disabilities so I say things I shouldn't.

I try my best not to do that here.

I love to draw soooooo much. like you have no idea.

I use to draw to cope with my life and now it is a huge habbit.

I do like comics, but I don't actually want to make a comic.

I want to make a picture book. One that adults can read without feelling stupid.

My brother describes it as an illustrated novel. i think that is already a thing. I am not sure.

I adore creepy and dark things. That is always how I was growing up.

Anyone ever heard of frank peretti he is a christian author who wrote christian horror books.

I am in love with the psychological part of horror.

I think a christian story is the best way to do that because we all go through moment "Am I a good christian?" or "Does god really love me?" Etc. which are all the devil giving you bad ideas in your head. but don't take my word for it. you might be going through something different.

But I have been there trust me! We all have or are still going through it.

I am now fascinated by this fact so I want to write a story based on it.

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I know what you mean about the devil messing with us. 

yup. it is a pain in the brain.

Do you want to the writing as well as the drawing or team up with someone else? Is it going to be as long as a novel or more like a chapter story?

I don't know yet. I know that this paticular story is going to be looong. It might even be a series. 

Yes I do plan on drawing and writing all of it. 

I don't think teaming up is a good idea with me.

I am easily stressed out with deadlines and such.

No one would want to handle me anyway.

I have other stories in mind that are more priority than this one. Though It shoudn't be.

I just have more ideas with those stories than this one. More inspiration.

I would encourage you to do your story as a series/chapters making each installment 8-12 pages.  This is doable, even if you were to work on in by yourself.  Don't stress yourself out with deadlines, meaning that you do set a deadline, but if it isn't completed, it is not the end of the world.  Just stay focused on completing the chapter.  I am a proponent of collaboration. It is not always easy and you do hit some bumps, but it can be enjoyable.  Especially when you are able to find someone to brainstorm your ideas with.  I have a couple of friends who I bounce ideas on.


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