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My name is Javier Gonzalez.  I am an artist from Grand Prairie, Texas and I've been a born again Christian since April 2011. My mother was Catholic, so I grew up going to a Catholic church, and later she left to fellowship with the local Baptists,  but I never had a relationship with God until last year. 

When I was 7, my dad had a stroke on Christmas Eve and was in a coma until January when he passed away.  I had been drawing since I was a little kid and after his death I spent a lot of time, recluse and doing artwork in my room.  I started drawing Garfield, then moved onto Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-men, and then onto more original art. 

In the Summer of 2002, I began working for a leasee company inside of Six Flags over Texas, drawing caricatures.  At that time, I began to work on a graphic novel called "The Atlas Force Alliance" with a writer in Irving.  The project started small but soon developed into a three part trilogy.  The first book is complete, the second and third are in the process of being completed. 

Growing up as a teenager, I became atheistic and denied the power of God for many years.  I drank and did drugs alot and got into trouble.  My life took a drastic change in 2010 when I was diagnosed with seminoma cancer and I underwent chemotherapy for nearly 7 months.  That was really the beginning of my search for Christ, but it wasn't until after the treatment was over and the cancer was gone, did it really hit me.  The following year I met my fiancee, Elizabeth, a devout Christian. 

I had been aquainted with Elizabeth from work for a short while before, but didn't really know her.  One day,  I saw her in the office and on her purse was written the word "JESUS" in bold red letters.  I believe it was the Spirit of God that compelled me to get to know her.  We began dating and one day I was telling her the reason I had asked her out. I told her that the JESUS written on her purse made me want to talk to her, but then she showed me her purse and JESUS is not written on there at all.  In fact, on the side that I saw the word JESUS, her name is written in thin black letters.  I still to this day, do not know how it was possible except to say that God was speaking to me that day. 

Whatever the reason I saw that on her purse, ever since then, I have been seeking God and have not looked back.  I thank the Lord for what he has done in my life.  For getting me through a rough spell, and for introducing me to my future wife.  I didn't deserve His mercy, but he granted it to me and for that I thank God! 

Jesus has changed my life, but that is what He does.  He changes the lives of anyone who truly wants to know Him. Thank you for anyone who reads this, I pray that it will bless you and glorify His name. 


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Hey Javier,

   An amazing testimony! Thanks for sharing.

   Yes, I suppose if the Lord can use a talking donkey for His glory He can also use the side of a woman's purse! I love God's out-of-the-box thinking! :-)

   Welcome to the group...

   And many, many blessings to you.

Hi Javier! Awesome that you began practicing the art you would one day give to God even before you knew Him. He knew you even back then! A little jealous of the amazing miracle God gave you in revealing your Godly wife to you, pray for me, ha ha! Seriously, that is awesome, Jesus must have been working in your heart and mind to make you see His name that way! It's a pleasure to meet you, may God bless you and Elizabeth this Christmas, and in all the years to come!

Hehe welcome again :) Thank you for your testimony - it's wonderful to hear your born again story. God loves you and I'm sure He has amazing plan for you! God bless your family and creativity. Keep in touch.

AMAZING...Isn't God amazing...?...I mean, isn't he?...Inspiring & moving...Blessings on u & ur family...

Your story is a glorious testimony of God's love and grace that abounds towards all of us.  May the God of our Savior, Jesus Christ, continue to bless you and your family in the knowledge of Him.


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