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Hello, I'm new to this sight. I'm a rather amateur artist with a heart for Jesus, obviously, and also a big nerd. 

I'm a big geek for Sci-Fi, especially the Halo franchise, and I'm currently trying to build a universe with a comic in said universe; which both will teach some christian morals and have some christian like designs.

Now let it be known, I take a lot of inspiration, in the "mood" field, from the Halo Books; which means there will be dark moments in the story, and it will focus on things such as War, Death, Depression, and will show bloody imagery that will at times, "Thankfully", be silhouetted; but it will also focus on finding god in these darkest of times. so I'm putting this warning out there, just as the Bible can be violent and focus on adult things, so will this. So if anyone has any complaints about this fact, or has questions, I will oblige you, and answer.

Thank you for your time.

- Michael Frantz     

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I look forward to seeing your work, Mr. Michael!!

Thank you, ma'am

Don't worry. All my stories have a disturbing concept to it. Like you wouldn't believe.

I have gotten in trouble in church before because I have such a dark mind.

Growing up was not easy, but I am at peace with it. I actually embrace my dark mind.


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