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I am new to this fellowship, and happy to see such a great collection of creators. I am a pastor and illustrator, working on graphic novel translations of the Old and new Testament. My wife and I recently finished a translation of Jonah, Esther and Amos, titled "the Unlikely Chosen". Shirley translated the books from the Hebrew, and I created the art from her translation. I am currently working on comic translations of the parables from Matthew's gospel, and the letter to James. Another project I am working on is a Sunday School/VBS program of teaching children and youth stories of the bible by drawing them as comics.

I look forward to getting to know members of the Society, and being inspired by your willingness to speak out to the world in this way. it is exciting to see.

I have included some samples of one the parable translations below.
Earnest Graham

I look forward

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What's up Earnest,
I just looked at the pages you worked on and i think it's awsome that the lord is moving you to impack the masses with what god is calling you to do. I am Paul lopez and i too am trying to break into the world with my company. Born Again Production was started almost six years ago but i been so buisy with raising a family. But I know the lord has the time when he will open the doors for me to reach people with what he has given. I just wanted to welcome you to the CCAS and hope to build each other in the lord. Come see my page on this site and tell me what you think? Lastly I pray the lord will bless you more abuduntly(not a great speller, sorry) in your ministry. Hay you should do a sketch for the CCAS sketch book so people can see your skills at the comic conventions! God Bless BAP out!!!
Thank you for the kind welcome, (and to Ralph, Scott and Marcus).
The sketchbook sounds like a great project. I have a couple of ideas that would be fun to put together. Couple of questions about the sketchbook:
Is there a deadline for a submission?
What size is the final book?
Is it black and white/grey scale/ or color?
Is there a recommended length for stories?
What format do you want them in? jpeg, tiff, other?
Hey earnest,
There are a blog post for this on the main page that Ralph has posted on the site. You can contact him for the details and leave a message on his CCAS page. Get the word out to others on this project and i See you at a convetion or something like that. Hey come see my CCAS page and give me some honest word on what you think about The BAP(Born Again Production). BAP out!!!
these are cool as, well done brother
i really like how you can 'see' the texture of the paper and ink- kind of like tintin- it's so... real. great stuff
Very nice. I like the idea of actually illustrating the parables themselves so people can visualize Jesus' message in a way they previous couldn't, and your artwork seems to be top-notch in delivering that point.
The work you did is just great!!!!! I love when you can see the word as well as hear it. It adds so much depth to it and you come away wih a better understanding of the meaning. Keep up the good work and God bless you and your wife

The art is beautiful! Where can we find this book? 



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