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Genesi, the First Home World, part 2:

Genesian Historian Document Number: 2529047

Submitted by Dot’ri [REDACTED], former member of the Genesian Historian Society.

Date submitted: 75th day, Season of Bloom, Year 4526 ATP

Entry, Part 2: the Guardians ways

In any province you will often find a sector or sub-sector of the Guardians of the Way, the same guardians who had brought up the Turning point and protected the provinces of Genesi for many years. The Guardians are often looked upon with respect by those in the provinces of Genesi, but can often be seen as a dogmatic militaristic force that fallows an overly strict life style by those who want to enter Genesi’ population. This next article will help clear up any confusion and should give new comers a good idea of what the Guardian of the Way are all about.

First, we must look at who the guardians are. The Guardians of the Way are not a force that deals with militaristic actions, in fact they stay away from all military dealings unless directly asked upon by the GSC (Genesian Specialist Core); the Guardians are more of a policing force, as is their original intention. They work as protectors of Genesi’ people, and while it can be said they live by a rather strict code, it can also be said they are not prohibited from interacting with or acting like civilians; their strong code is one based in loyalty, respect, honor, and an unending duty to Genesi and her people, and is kept by those who are willing to become a Guardian. This is done with the intention to ensure that those who serve are willing to keep the moral code, whilst even off duty; though with so many members, and civilians who are often seen backing up the Guardians, it’s safe to say we won’t have many not willing to follow this ideal.

The Guardians are more than a policing force with a code of honor, they are also a force of law that is tasked with holding any person to the same standards; that is unless they are one of their own, or politicians. The law based divisions of the Guardians have three sub-sectors, the civil sector which deals with civilian based ordeals, the political sector which deals with politicians and political dealings, and the Guardian sector which watches on its own people. Now there are different ways these sectors work, and different rules for each sector. The Civil Sector which deals with civil ordeals holds the same standard for every citizen, no matter whether they are female or male, or any other subject; they will give punishments based the civilian’s actions, and can range from fee and jail, to complete execution if the person is deemed unfit to be cast out. The Politicians Sector deals with, as the name suggests, politicians; however, instead of judging them as civilians, they have specialized guards watch over them, and attempt to keep tabs on them and their actions. These guards are tasked to protect and judge the politician, and make sure that they do nothing that would be deemed corrupt, or that they keep to their promises they made to the public. If the Politician has not done this, then they will be fired and replaced by a candidate that is more trust worthy. If the Politician is caught doing anything that would be considered a crime, then they will be cast from the society for some amount of years, as they were given an oath that should have been kept; If the Politician is caught doing anything in the way of treason to Genesi and her people, then their designated guard is assigned to attempt an assassination upon the politician. Finally, the Guardian Sector has similar standards to the Political Sector, though a little harsher; The Guardian Sector is watched over by The Grand Council of the Guardians which is headed by the Grand Guardian, who is considered the most powerful woman on the planet. She will have hundreds of her “Jury”, Elite Guardians who are given the task of watching over other guardians, give reports to her on a monthly basis. If any guardian is seen to have done wrong, commit a crime, abuse power, or commit treason, then they will be punished accordingly, but unlike their political counterparts, they will not be warned. If a guardian is banished, they will not be allowed back into the ranks, unlike politicians; and will not be assassinated upon committing treason, but will be brought before the Grand Guardian, who will sentence a punishment of her choosing. It's suffice to say that there aren't many guardians who turn against their own people.

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