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A Network of Christian Fellowship for Comics Fans, Pros, and Amateurs, the home for Pop Culture with a spiritual twist, is looking for volunteer contributors for our Comic Reviews section. We need creative, comic-loving individuals who want to share their professional and spiritual thoughts.  We get a lot of traffic, but are trying to increase the comic presence on our site. 

We currently receive preview content from Dark Horse, IDW, Viper, Red5, Top Cow, Alterna, and other great comic publishers.  If you're looking for free comics, and you want to write reviews with a spiritual twist, let us know!

Check out the comics section of HJ here:

FYI, there's no monetary compensation, we're a Not for Profit site, but you do get all the free comics you can review!  Plus, as a site contributor, you're a member of the press, and can get into conventions for free (in most cases)!

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I'm 100% down. i'd love to do this- my wife might be interested, too.

how can we get involved? we've both got degrees in Christian studies and have read thousands of comics.

Looking forward to hearing from you-

feel free to e-mail em on here or
Me too. I would definitely love to do this. We need more Christians sites that do biblical reviews of the content of the market. Though I might wan't to draw a line on certain comics. Some comics you can tell the bad content before you even open them, just by looking at the cover. Nevertheless I would love to review comics, as long as you don't mind honest biblical commentary.

This sounds like a great opportunity.
Nathan Bowen

I'm in. If you're interested in having me.

Been following comics for 20+ years.

An artist/Illustrator comic creator myself (gone to art school) - therefore am able to critique from the perspective of someone who knows art.

Capable of teaching - meaning I can explain things clearly.

How many words per article?
Oh yes... I'm willing to review in PDF if that makes life easier.
Thanks for the response guys! If you didn't get my email response, let me know.
Would love to be a part of this. i have been looking for a site that is not only faith based but understands some of us church going bible thumping folks watch, read and play secular movies,books and games.
I would love to help you review comic books. Tell me more.
I would love to do some reviews. How can I get involved. I have done a few reviews on my blog, more for fun. You can reach me here, or

thank you

God Bless



Welcome to the Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) Online Network!

Did you know that CCAS has monthly meetings in the Los Angeles area? Contact Eric Jansen for more info!


Also, members of CCAS have produced the APAzine ALPHA-OMEGA for over 25 years!  We have about five openings right now!  Contact Eric Jansen for more info!  (This is a 30-member active-participation-only photocopied magazine for Christian writers and artists who submit a "trib" every other month for fun, fellowship, and critiques by other members.  Between postage and your photocopying costs, you might pay anywhere from $5 to $25 per issue.)

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