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I’ve been working on the characters for my series and have been trying to figure out how many characters with superpowers (Irregulars) to add. I know that I want Irregulars to be extremely rare, but Brianna has some medical issues because of her shapeshifting powers, which could make her seeing a physician difficult. I originally came up with the idea for the doctors and therapists she sees to not have a speciality in working with Irregulars (since there isn’t such a thing) but are aware of their existence. I’ve also figuring out what kind of training Brianna has to go through. One thing I came up with is learning how to move around in different forms (i.e. learning to swim as a fish or fly as different types of birds). She would have sets of stretches she would do while in her human form, as well as going to some kind of training (either at her Doctor’s or Therapist’s office) that would involve her actually transforming. I know the first time she’ll change voluntarily will be in a case involving a parrot, but I don’t know what case number it will be (that Case was originally going to be case 2, but now I’m considering making it Case 3 or 4). I definitely want the readers to see how she improves over the course of the series (not to mention I want to portray superpowers as disabilities). What do you guys think?

Another issue I’ve been having is I’ve come up with quite a few characters with superpowers. I’m trying to figure out a ratio of Irregulars to “normal” people to make it seem like Irregulars are rare. One idea I have was that while there aren’t enough statistics to know how many Irregulars there are in the world, it is known that New Eden has the largest number. Do you think this would work?

I can’t wait to hear your feedback. Thanks!

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Hi. It sounds like you have it pretty well thought out. I especially like the powers as disabilities angle.

Just because you have a lot of characters with superpowers, it doesn't mean you have to showcase them all at the same time. Rarity is limited by how common something is witnessed by a group of people. So say there are 50 people with superpowers but the public only ever sees one or two in a large area, its still rare. Or the mystery of them makes it rare because no one is able to study them. There could be a lot of them but because they are well hidden and out of reach it would still be termed as rare. Think of all the sea life we only get a glimpse of one or two of...but we have no idea if there are hundreds of the species simply because we can't look that deep into the ocean.

I think you are coming along well with your ideas. keep it up!


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