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I want to do some comic work involving the teachings of Jesus during his earthly ministry. I really don't want to draw Jesus, lest it becomes a question of what He looked like. So I can pull down a hoodie that makes him into a dark version. I can draw him from behind, or from a silhouetted profile.

What do you think? Have you given much thought in how to represent Jesus graphically?

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I've thought the same thing about the hood. 

Cool thought question!

Who's the target audience? That would guide how happy/funny/serious/dark you make the character.

How realistic will the strip be? A more cartoony or abstract strip would allow a wider range of possibilities.  I immediately think of Doonsbury's representation of the various presidents with talking icons.

Does your Jesus need to move, show action, show emotion?  That will guide your design quite a bit.

Have fun creating!

Jack Chick, in virtue of not wanting to portray the Lord graphically, usually just makes the face devoid of any features. The first few centuries AD had the Lord portrayed via symbols (Jesus fish, etc.)


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