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Deciding which power Hazel will have/ worried about ripping off a Podcast I like

I’ve been very busy lately. I had two vacations and a gymnastics meet very close together (I did work on some writing for both my current original project and an Ace Attorney/Bright Sessions crossover fanfic I had an idea for). Anyway, I’ve been trying to decide which power Hazel is going to have (either between a type of superhuman hearing or body snatching). Part of her backstory is that she was deeply traumatized by an event relating to her powers (either being put on schizophrenia medication when she didn’t need it or witnessing a suicide from the perspective of the person who killed them self and being unable to stop them), which causes her to act childishly. I’ve only been able to come up with backstory for if she has Selective Extrasensory Hearing (or SESH), But I’m Having trouble coming up with a good scientific Explanation for bodysnatching (I have come up with more ideas for interesting cases for the latter, though). Also, I’ve Been working on how different types of  powers are grouped in the world the characters live in, but I realize recently what I came up with was similar to the audio drama “The Bright Sessions.” Is this a problem? Also, are there any good free tutorials for Medibang Paint/online class on how to use it out there? 

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Sounds like you've been busy! 

Concerning Hazel's powers, SESH sounds like the better option; You've put more work into it, and that means you can save the body snatching for someone else after you've perfected it.  

It's okay to have similar themes or concepts to another series. It happens all the time!

Thanks! I’ll think about it. I’m just having far more trouble working SESH into the actual cases. I have one or two ideas, but nothing that could sustain an entire case (My plan is for each volume to be from the point of view of one of the three characters who works in the law firm, with a special every four volumes, though there will be a few scenes from the other two non-POV characters in each volume). Any suggestions? I did come up with more backstory for if Hazel’s a body snatcher. I’ll reveal it once I finish some research on sleep disorders.


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